6 Best Mobile Social Media Apps For 2016

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Social Media Apps

Facebook and Twitter are the leading social media apps, but in the past few years Instagram, Snapchat and Pinterest have joined the ranks, which the internet love. So what’s the next big thing in the social space for 2016?

Yik Yak

Find you’re heard. Yik Yak allows you to share your opinions(thoughts that everyone thinks but doesn’t dare say aloud so they don’t sound like a twit) with other users in your area, making it a popular app among students across the world. Posts can get upvoted if they’re interesting, funny, or just speaking the truth #truedat; so you’ll see the posts that others have considered to be good at the top of your feed. You can also take a look at what’s being posted in other locations, say London rather than your location of Newcastle.


The latest social network to get the world is getting hyped over is Peach, a new app for iOS. Peach has taken all the best bits from Facebook, Twitter, Path, Snapchat and Tumblr all rolled into one. Try it, it’s pretty sweet.


Love Yik Yak? Kik is pretty awesome too. It’s normally the same circle of people on Yik Yak as well as Kik. Kik is a messaging app that lets you chat with friends via the web, and doesn’t require a phone number to set up(Take That Whatsapp). Pick a username and you are good to go! You can share pictures, videos, gifs, games and of course text with friends via Kik.


Shots is an app that lets you capture photographs or videos(much like the loved Snapchat). Taking ‘shots’ as they’re called in this app, which then get shared with other Shots users. In essence, you spend your time scrolling wall of selfies. Or you spend your time in the private chat feature built-in that you can use to talk to friends


Hyper is a new photo-sharing app that uses hashtags and geotags to help like-minded people in the same area to discover new things. There’s also a voting system that can allow users to get opinions on their new clothes, hairstyles or a new restaurant is any good. The whole point of it is to remain anonymous if they want to and sharing secrets with people from around the world.


You must remember Bebo? Well, it’s back, and it’s totally different. Back in the early 2000s, Bebo was like MySpace, and nearly everyone was on it. It faded away due to the popularity of Facebook and Twitter. Bebo relaunched as a social app and it’s quite good and entertaining. You create your own avatar, and you can chat with friends using funny doodles/illustrations that are generated from your hashtags.