Tips For Working From Home With A Family

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I want to share tips with you if you are working from home with a family.

I was in exactly the same position and working from home with a family. Trying to do all of the things I would normally do in the household and I was looking after four children and a partner as well until it got to the stage where it becomes impossible.

How To Work From Home With A Family

I made a list of all of the different things that needed to be done that I was doing household-wise. I put my name next to the things that I thought I was best doing. Then I pulled the whole family together. Explained that I was trying to get this business to be a success for all of us. I couldn’t do all these other jobs alone.

I asked them to take on jobs that they could do and each one. It took a little bit of time, but they started to come around. They ticked off the jobs that they thought they were best doing, even down to the four-year-old who was making her own bed.

One of the big mistakes you can do is if that bed’s not made properly to go and remake it. That four-year-old is the same as everybody else needs ownership of what they’re doing. It’s no good somebody coming along and redoing it and basically telling them that they’ve got it wrong. You need to let them do those things.

But the trick of this is you need to monitor and measure this. You can’t just leave it because it will probably fizzle out. If you go back maybe at first a week after, then every couple of weeks, and then maybe monthly to see what’s working well, what isn’t working so well.

It may be that somebody doesn’t know how to do that job properly or that job’s probably the wrong thing for them to do. You can alter things around, but if you monitor and measure it, the chances are it’ll continue and they’ll keep doing those tasks and be reminded to do those tasks as well.