2 Tips for connecting to people on LinkedIn!

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Adding the right people on LinkedIn is really what makes it work properly. Both of these tips are based around the idea that you’re in the same location as the person you’re wanting to connect with – so this is about making that connection easier and faster.

Find LinkedIn users physically near you

  1. Open the LinkedIn app on your smart device (Android, iPhone or iPad etc.)
  2. Tap the “My Network” icon at the bottom of your screen
  3. Tap “Find nearby”

You’ll then have a screen that will show you a list of name (LinkedIn accounts) of other people who are using the same discovery technique. This works really well if you’re at a meeting or event where you all want to make that initial connection quickly and easily.

You have the control for when it’s working and when it’s not, so don’t worry about being stalked by weirdos out there!

Easily connect with someone in front of you right now

  1. Open the LinkedIn app on your smart device (Android, iPhone or iPad etc.)
  2. Tap the “My Network” icon at the bottom of your screen
  3. Tap “Scan QR code”
  4. Use the “SCAN” tab to scan someone else’s code and use “MY CODE” to display your own barcode on your screen

So one of you uses one of the screens and the other uses the corresponding screen. The one on the “SCAN” screen can scan your QR (barcode) code and it will take them directly to your LinkedIn profile. This is great for speed, so you don’t need to be searching for each other by name (which is perfect for people with either difficult to spell name, or very common names).

You can also save your QR code to your device and subsequently do all sorts of cool things with it. You could pop it on your business card, or have it on a pop-up banner – you could have it printed onto a name badge for people to quickly and easily scan at a conference or expo etc.

Want to test it?

Below is my QR code from LinkedIn, one with my profile picture and one with just the code. If you want to give it a go and test it yourself, scan this code and you should be taken directly to my profile. If you choose to send me a connection request, please be sure to personalise that request so I know the nature of why you’re reaching out.


My QR code for LinkedIn

Think about the possibilities here, the aim is to facilitate easy and fast connections with people who you’ve met and want to continue your relationship and the conversation with.

So whether it’s finding people nearby or a more 1:1 basis, here’s a couple of tips that are definitely worth having in your proverbial back pocket to help up your LinkedIn game.