How to verify your domain in Google Search Console using WordPress & Yoast SEO plugin

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Adding your domain name to Google Search Console is essential if you’re interested in tracking key information pertaining to your search engine optimisation (SEO).  Search Console (formerly Google Webmaster Tools) allows you to track all sorts of cool information including which websites are linking to your site, how many pages Google has indexed for you, the search terms people are typing in to find your site and much more.

Google Search Console is a free product that allows webmasters – or those who want to know more information about their domain, and how it’s viewed by Google – to understand a deeper, more specific layer of information about the domain.

But in order for Google to share this Googly-goodness with you, you first must verify your domain to prove that you definitely have access to it (and you are who you say you are).  It’s a little different to them sending you an email, but it’s really quite simple.

Head on over to GSC and hit the “Add property” button, type in your domain and it will present you with instructions on how to verify that domain.  There are multiple options (note, you may need to click “Alternate methods” to see all the options), so choose the best option for you/your site – but if your website is based on WordPress, then there’s a super-simple way if using the WordPress SEO plugin.

If you have Google Analytics installed on your site, and you’re signed into Search Console with the same account (that has access to Analytics), that’s a nice simple to verify the domain – but if not, the META/HTML Tag is super-simple using the WordPress SEO plugin – just a quick copy & paste and you’re done.

Check out the video for instructions on how to get your site verified in just a few clicks –

If you run up against any problems – drop us a comment below and we’ll help you out.