5 reasons why you need a Marketing Mentor!

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Mentors can be incredibly beneficial for us all. They can guide, help motivate, & advise when those tricky decisions need to be made.

They can also improve performance at work by helping fill specific knowledge gaps.

Which – let’s not be arrogant here – is something that all of us should look to be doing throughout our working lives.

Above all, they can help build confidence & self-assurance at work & at home.

Marketing mentors

But hang on a second… What’s a marketing mentor?

A marketing mentor is a digital marketing expert who guides in the same way as a ‘traditional’ mentor.

But who focuses specifically on helping you improve your digital marketing knowledge, skills, & performance.

Ultimately, helping you feel more confident, focused, & strategic when it comes to marketing your business online.

This kind of partnership doesn’t just help you build on your digital skills knowledge, however.

It also encourages you to step outside of your comfort zone and challenge the way you think about marketing your business & the kind of brand perception you’re trying to create online.

Here’s how…

👇 Why you need a marketing mentor 👇

1. Trust at heart

At the heart of any mentor/mentee relationship lies trust.

Trust that what you’re being advised to do will benefit both yourself & your business.

And trust that the time spent working hard and putting in the effort to improve your brand will pay off.

But what you need to remember is that your mentor wants you to succeed.

They wouldn’t be doing what they’re doing if they didn’t have a vested interest in helping you build your business and succeed online.

And this is precisely why marketing mentors are so beneficial.

Because they’re someone you can trust to give sound, honest advice to help you improve your business.

A business they too are wholeheartedly invested in.

2. Create a Partnership

If you’re a ‘one man band’ (whether in your own business or in a marketing department), then sometimes it can be difficult to see new opportunities for a business.

Working with someone outside of your business & building a trusting partnership with them can bring fresh insight.

This can be incredibly beneficial to helping you see new ways of telling your story in your digital marketing, or explaining how you provide a solution to your customers.

It can also be a great relief when you realise that there are still endless opportunities or ways to market your business online.

When you once might have felt like you’d exhausted all avenues.

3. Get actionable advice

The advice you get from a marketing mentor isn’t theoretical, it’s actionable and can be put into place right away.

This empowers you to continually develop your business for the good throughout your time with your marketing mentor.

Building and adapting your digital marketing strategy as you go.

This can be an incredibly positive influence for anyone who needs help or guidance with their digital marketing.

The opportunity to use the skills you’ve gained and apply them right away makes the process a satisfying, fulfilling, & powerful one that can help you fall back in love with putting the time and effort into marketing your business online.

4. Get creative in your marketing

A hugely beneficial thing about investing in a marketing mentor is that the skills you gain whilst with them can help you become increasingly creative & confident with your digital marketing efforts.

This will help you stand out from the crowd online, and push the boundaries of where you thought you could take your business & your brand message in your digital marketing.

It will also help make those ideas you once thought were ‘too complicated’ or ‘too difficult’ to do seem attainable and manageable.

Like creating a series of videos to market online.

Or utilising Stories on Facebook & Instagram to make your business more accessible to your audience.

5. Be accountable for your digital development

Perhaps most importantly, having a marketing mentor will mean you’re held accountable for your digital marketing development.

As I mentioned right at the start, a mentor guides, advises and motivates.

In other words, they encourage you to turn your words into actions.

This means that you won’t just be given advice without being encouraged to use your new skills & knowledge right away in a new marketing strategy for your business.

Marketing mentors will then take the time during your next meeting to go over any implementations and chat through the entire process with you.

Covering how you approached the task, how you found doing it, how it was received online, & how you could adapt it for next time (if needs be).

This makes the process truly collaborative & supportive.