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“Help! I don’t know what to post on social media!” How often do you say that?

Social media is an amazing tool that lets people connect, find out about the latest news, and can help small businesses increase their brand awareness or even go viral. 

However, despite endless opportunities, using social media to grow your business isn’t always easy. No matter how good you are at creating content or understanding the algorithms, sometimes we all have those days when we struggle to come up with content ideas. 

To make those days when you’re facing a creative block easier, we have 26 ideas you can use! These are also a great option if you’re tired of posting about your products or services and want to add something a little bit different to your feed. 

Share your story

Enough showing what you sell – show yourself instead! 

Film a video talking about what you did before starting a business, how you came up with the idea, what challenges you faced when trying to make your dream a reality and what you love about running your business.

If you’ve never spoken in front of a camera, the first time can be difficult. But it’s important to remember that videos are becoming more and more popular and to please social media’s algorithms it’s essential to use them. 

You can also do a live video talking about yourself where your audience can ask you questions or even invite someone else to join your live. This way you won’t feel as awkward or stressed speaking to the camera as you will have another person to have a conversation with! 

And if you’re still too scared to be in front of the camera, don’t worry, you can still use this content idea. Simply share a few pictures of yourself, write your story in the caption and invite people to ask questions in the comments!

Share advice you would give someone starting their own business

What is that one thing you wish you knew before starting your own business?

You know it now! So why don’t you share your experience with those who are just starting their journey? 

Running a business is usually depicted as the best thing people decide to do. However, there’s always the other, not-so-bright side of it. Showing real struggles you face and giving advice on how to deal with them will make people trust you and relate to you more. 

Interview a relevant person

Invite someone from your industry and have a conversation with them about the latest news, their recent achievements, problems that affect you or anything else you can think of! 

You can write a blog post and create some social media posts from that interview or you can record it and upload a video. If you choose a later one, you can also use short clips from the interview and share them on platforms such as TikTok, Instagram (reels) or YouTube (shorts). These short-form videos are extremely popular, so make sure you utilise them! 

If your first interview is successful, attracts your audience’s attention or you simply enjoy doing it, you can make it a weekly or monthly thing! Or you can even start your own podcast!

We like to interview and have a conversation over a book in Book Club Live series, which you can watch now!

Introduce your team

Do you have a team that works with you? Do your customers know who they are, how they contribute to the business and what they enjoy doing during their spare time? If not, it’s time to change that!

This is the beauty of social media – it gives you free and unlimited space to share as much as you want about your business. If you were publishing an advert in a magazine, you most likely wouldn’t add pictures of your staff and tell stories about them instead of promoting the products or services your business offer. Just think how much you would have to pay for all that space, especially if you have a big team! But when it comes to social media, no matter the size of your team, you can introduce every single one of them! 

Remember, most people are curious and want to know who is hiding behind the name of your business!

We use our series, Blind Reacts, to introduce our team and help answer your most frequently asked questions.

What’s in your bag/on your desk

Is there an item you can’t leave the house without? Or something that you keep on your desk that makes you more productive or helps you stay organised? 

Snap a quick picture of your desk or things you carry in your bag! Explain why each item is so important to you and encourage your followers to share what things they can’t live without!

Celebrate national days

Not every single post you share on social media has to be related to your business or the industry you trade in. 

Of course, you shouldn’t share too much of unrelated content but a few posts every now and then can increase engagement. 

A great way to mix up your content is by celebrating national days! If you visit a website like this one, you will see that every single day is a celebration of something! Scroll through and you will find some national days that are related to your business as well as those you never knew existed.

For example, did you know that 1st July is International Chicken Wings day? 

Unless you have a food business and sell chicken wings, this day has nothing to do with your company. But you can always celebrate it by having some wings at the office, sharing pictures on your social media and asking your audience how they like their wings! 

Don’t be afraid to have a little bit of fun on social media. This will make people see you as a person and not just a business with no personality. 

Share customer reviews

Positive customer reviews are content given to you on a plate. All you have to do is create an image or video using the words your customers have written. Here are some examples:

Explain what your business name and logo mean

Do you have an interesting business name or a logo? 

Share a post where you explain what it means and how you came up with it! 

Interactive questions sticker on instagram. You can use it to do a Q&A on social media

Do Q&A

Not sure what people want to know about you or your business? Do a Q&A! 

The best platform to do it on is Instagram. You can share a story with an interactive question box where people can leave their questions and you can share stories answering them.

Worried no one will ask you anything? Ask the first few questions yourself! Seeing you answering the questions will encourage others to ask you something. 

Doing Q&As not only lets your audience get their questions answered. It also gives you more content ideas or even inspires you to make some changes in your business. 

Play some games

Games are a great way to increase engagement. Many people go on social media to unwind and find something entertaining, so they are likely to interact with posts like this! 

This or that, you can only choose one, bingo, find words – these are just a few examples. Have a look at some games we have posted on our social media! 

Create a time-lapse of yourself creating your product or providing a service

Do you sell homemade products? Film yourself making one of those!

Are you a graphic designer working with different businesses? Film yourself working on one of the projects.

Are you a hairdresser? Record yourself giving a makeover to one of your clients.

These videos aren’t difficult to create! Find the best place for your camera/phone, press record and do what you usually do during your day. Once you finish, speed the video up and you will be able to show what you do in a day in only a few minutes! 

Ask for recommendations

Make your audience feel like they are experts! 

Whether it’s choosing a film you will watch on the weekend, the best colour for your new product or what content you should create more of, it’s always great to ask your followers for their opinion and recommendations. 

At the end of the day, they’re the ones supporting you and buying from you, so if you create something they actually want, they’ll be more likely to keep coming back!

Follow a trend

Do you use TikTok or Instagram? If so, there’s no doubt you have come across a lot of short video trends. While lip-syncing or dancing to popular audio you can show the fun side of your business.

If videos like these don’t align with your brand identity and you want to stay professional, don’t worry, you can still use trending sounds or hashtags to share something informative without ruining your reputation. Try following other businesses for some inspiration!

Do a shoutout to another business

When you really don’t know what to post, show support to another business you like! Reshare their content on your stories or post a picture with products you have bought from them and explain why you like this business. 

Reshare your old content

You don’t always have to come up with new content ideas to keep your social media pages updated. Sometimes it’s enough to reshare something you created a while ago! 

Go through your old posts and pick those that you think are still relevant and had a lot of engagement when you posted them first. Create a bank of those posts and share them again on the days you don’t have anything new prepared. 

You should also pick those posts that you think are informative or entertaining but haven’t reached many people. Give them another chance! You didn’t spend all that time creating content just so no one sees it!

Repurpose your content

No, repurposing your old content isn’t the same as resharing it! When you repurpose, you take your old content and create something new out of it. A great example would be repurposing your blog posts. 

If you create a listicle (just like this one), you can then share every point on social media separately. You have already got all the information you want to share, so all you need to do is to decide what type of media you would like to create and do it.

Do GRWM video

Get ready with me (GRWM) videos are a great way to show more behind the scenes of your business. 

There are quite a few videos you can create, including getting ready in the morning, getting ready for the new launch, getting ready for an important meeting and more! 

Run a contest

Competitions are a great way to attract new followers as well as increase your brand awareness. 

You can hold a competition on your own or collaborate with another business. This way your business will get exposed to a bigger audience. 

To learn more about running a competition on your social media, watch this video where Adam explains how to do it in the right way to ensure your audience actually engages with you.

Do social media takeover

When you run out of content ideas, let someone else create content for you!

So what exactly is a social media takeover?

Social media takeover is when another person, such as an influencer, employee or someone else from the same industry takes over a brand’s social media pages for a period of time and posts content on their behalf. 

Social media takeovers not only help you bring some fresh content and keep your audience engaged but also allows you to create a sense of community, increase your brand awareness and grow your following. 

To make a social media takeover work well for you and another person involved, it’s important to create a plan – it’s not enough to share your password with someone else and let them do whatever they want! 

Here are a few tips:

  • Decide why you’re doing a social media takeover. What do you want to achieve? What message do you want to spread? 
  • Choose the right person. Once you know what your goals are, it will be easier to find a person who could help you to achieve them and would be a great fit for your brand. For example, if you want to show behind the scenes of your business, you would choose an employee instead of an influencer. And if you wanted to get more exposure and grow your following, you would choose an influencer that focuses on the same niche.
  • Discuss your goals and key messaging to avoid misinformation and errors.
  • Remember, it’s not always free! While you don’t need a budget to do a takeover with your employees, if you decide to work with an influencer, you will likely get charged. Some smaller influencers might do it in exchange for your product or service, the ones with a big following can charge anything from a few hundred to a few thousand! 

Share a tutorial on how to use your product

If you sell products, there are the right ways to use them. Share images or videos of how to use or how NOT to use your products.

Even if you sell something that is so easy to use that no one could mess it up, you can create a series of funny videos of people using your product completely wrong and then showing how to use it correctly. 

Celebrate your achievements

Have you recently got your first hundred followers? Create a post and thank everyone who supports you.

Been nominated for an award? Even if you don’t win, talk about it!

Received a record number of orders in one day? Celebrate it with your audience!

Completed an online training course? Show your followers how you keep improving yourself and your business.

There are many both personal and business achievements you can celebrate on social media! So don’t be shy – shout about what you have achieved!

Share user-generated content

This is probably the easiest thing you could do! You don’t need to think about anything – your customers have already created the content! 

However, it’s important to note that you should never repost any content you don’t own without getting permission first (unless you’re sharing their original post on your stories and not downloading their content to repost on your feed). 

Most social media users will be happy to give you permission while others might ask for some kind of payment, discount or your product or service in exchange. These are more likely to be content creators or influencers who make the living from the content they create.  

Share your blog posts

Writing a blog can be very beneficial for your business. You can find out more about it here.

And when you write a blog, you want people to read it! Those followers who discover you through social media might not even realise you have a blog. So make sure you share your blog posts on your social media pages regularly! 

Even if you wrote a post a year ago, it still can be relevant today, so why not invite your followers to read it? 

Post an answer to the commonly asked question

Is there a question that you get asked over and over again? 

While having interactions with your customers is great, answering the same question to every single person can become frustrating over time. To avoid that, create a video or an infographic answering that question. Most social media platforms now allow you to pin posts, so make sure you do it, so that answer stays on the top of your page.

Share some statistics

Have you done a survey and found out some interesting statistics about your audience? Or have you read an article that includes statistics relevant to your niche?

Create infographics and share those numbers! Also, try to link those statistics to your business and what you offer. 

For example, we have found this article that states that 75% of marketers say that social media marketing increases their web traffic, and almost 90% say it improves business exposure.

So how we would share these numbers on social media and link that post to what we offer?

We would create an infographic with these statistics and write a caption inviting people to read this exact blog post! It would look something like this:

“Social media is a powerful tool that can help your business increase brand awareness and generate leads. But to do it successfully it’s important to post consistently and provide valuable content. 

However, sometimes we all face the creative block and can’t think of anything we could post to keep audiences engaged. To help you with that, we have created a list of 26 ideas you can use when you don’t know what to post on social media!”

Invite people to sign up for your email list

If you work hard on your email campaigns but don’t have an engaged email list, all your efforts can go to waste.

So from time to time, share an invitation to join your email list on your social media channels. Explain what content they can expect from you and how often they’ll receive updates.

Do you want to learn more social media secrets as well as find other business advice? Then make sure you check our Resource Centre.

We have a great digital marketing programme, Immediate Impact Digital Bootcamp, designed to help businesses get better results from their marketing.

We can show you how to do this using nothing but free tools. We will walk and talk you through creating content to hook your audience in, capture your audience’s attention, and how to provide amazing value to your audience!