3 Reasons Why You Should Change the Way You Think About Social Copy

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We’ve all been there. We’ve all spent countless hours researching, planning, & scheduling really great content only for it to be ignored by our digital audience.

It sucks.

And a repeated lack of interest can often result in many of us wanting to throw in the towel altogether when it comes to our online presence.

Despite this frustration, it’s really important to understand the value good online copy can have for your business. And, therefore, the positive effect well-constructed & planned content can have for your brand on social media.

With a bit of careful tweaking, and a new perspective when it comes to creating content for your business. We can all alter the way we think about copy so that it engages our digital audience more, and encourages them to invest in our products & services.

What Is Copy?

In the context of digital content creation, copy refers to any text you can use on/in your website, social media channels, blog posts, emails, etc. with the intention of promoting your business or services*.

Good copy can’t be achieved by following any specific structure. As for each individual/business, factors such as purpose, placement, and target audience may differ.

*In this blog, I’ll be focusing on creating copy for your social media profiles.

Now that’s out of the way, let’s get to it. Below are my top 3 reasons why I believe we should all spend a bit more time working on how we think about copy:

1. Good Copy = Increased Brand Engagement

When you create any copy for your business, it’s really important that you think about how you would react to the content you’re publishing.

Is it entertaining? Did it make you laugh? Are you interested in the brand or product behind the content?

Because – I can assure you – if it doesn’t engage you, then it won’t engage your online audience.

By starting to think about how you – and, more importantly, your audience – would react to the copy you’re publishing, you’ll immediately start producing more valuable content!

And the great thing about valuable content, is it’s content that your audience is more likely to engage with.

2. Increased Brand Engagement = Digital Community

Now, we often speak about engagement in the context of being a ‘vanity metric’.

But in the context of building a great online audience, engagement shown by way of ‘Likes’, ‘Comments’, & ‘Shares’ left in response to your posts can be a great indication that your followers are finding your content valuable.

This is the really exciting part!

Because consistent, valuable content + an engaged online audience = a digital community.

A place where, before you know it, you’ll have followers communicating amongst themselves. Discussing your latest post, or sharing your content with their friends & family.

A place where your followers find value, and where they can become invested in you and your brand.

3. Digital Community = Value For Money

And it’s this investment in your brand that will transform the way your copy influences your business on a financial level.

Because the more loyal, responsive, & engaged your customers are online. The more likely these people are to invest in your business when you promote new products or services on your social feed.

And, let’s not beat about the bush here, we all need our presence on social media to provide a return on investment.

We need our time and effort spent creating content online to result in increased sales, appointments, or inquiries.

And – surely we can all agree here – there’s far more chance that valuable content and well planned copy is more likely to result in a more engaged, and therefore a more invested following for your business on social media.

To wrap things up…

That’s all folks!

It’s genuinely as simple as recognising the influential nature of copy and how it can drive your audience to engage, become brand ambassadors, and eventually convert for you & your business.

So, why not start thinking about how you can adapt your copy to create your own digital community today?

It’s better late than never!