9 Ways To Revamp Your Twitter Feed

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Tweeting saying we are doing this and that, following more people and engaging with your audience are all good ideas you should be doing to gain more followers and build a strong presence for your business on Twitter. But how can we revamp it and make it better?

Use Twitter Polls

Ever had that question that needs answers? Well, Twitter has that covered for you! Twitter polls are a great way for businesses to conduct market research, gather feedback, and spark conversations on Twitter. For example, Hootsuite recently posted a poll aiming to generate some Hype for their weekly #HootChat, by asking what should they talk about. The results from this poll will help plan future Twitter chats, they’ll also provide an insight into the type of content their audience may want to read.

Utilise GIFS

You’ve been able to publish photos and videos for a while now on Twitter, but using GIFS can take your tweets to the next level by making them more engaging and enticing to your audience. Last year, Twitter released 100 million GIFS for all users. They’re a great option for adding some ‘pizzazz’ to your Tweets.

Participate In And/Or Host Twitter Chats

Twitter chats are conversations people have using a shared hashtag at a special day or time. They can revolve around a specific industry, topic, or trend. For example, #NorthEastHour takes place on a Monday night between 8-9 pm connecting all businesses across the North East of England.

Twitter chats can generate new followers by increasing the visibility of your tweets and creating a sense of community that can lead to stronger relationships with potential customers.

Create A Short Video

The video is in 2016, so why aren’t your sharing that on Twitter? Tweet out videos either your organization has created, or retweet relevant video content your audience would find valuable. Posting videos on Twitter is a great way to make your Tweets stand out and drive engagement.

Tag People In Photos

Wait you can do this in Twitter? Yes. You can tag up to 10 people in your photo on Twitter, without affecting your 140 character limit. As with any great power, comes with great responsibility. Don’t use this feature to try and get people’s attention by tagging them in random photos. Use when you have just met with a client or attended a workshop; this way you are likely to achieve a higher engagement rate because it is more relevant to the person in the photo than some random account.

Post More Than One Image At A Time

Pin Tweets You Want Your Audience To See To The Top Of Your Profile

Want your audience to see a particular tweet, pin it to the top of your profile so when they visit your profile it’s the first thing they see. This will increase the engagement and reach of the post.


It’s a good idea to ensure that your content is being seen by as many audience members as possible. Hashtags make this possible. Hashtags enable your Tweets to be grouped with other tweets using the same hashtag. This means that not only will those looking for that specific hashtag find your content easily. Try to be specific when using hashtags that are relevant to your post. Please don’t have more hashtags than words and don’t hashtag everything #spam #fail.

Follow More People

Follow people to fill your feed with relevant industry content that you can share so your audience can see. Also following more people can increase your own followers because they are more likely to you follow back. Especially, if they are in your industry or are interested in your business. By doing this, you’ll be attracting new followers that will actually engage with you, share your content, and potentially become customers.