Business Growth Guide: What You Need & Must Know

Table of Contents

Some welcome business growth but don’t know where to start; others are scared because it’s something new that they don’t understand. Well here’s a crash course guide to business growth.

Business Growth Guide #1 Be Noticed In A Crowded Marketplace

Some companies expect results from simply buying clicks or followers or throwing money into traditional marketing activities like shoving leaflets through doors. This isn’t necessarily the approach to make in a crowded marketplace. A more thought-out approach is the ticket to catching more attention.

Your customers only look out for products and services that fix a problem that is relevant to them. For example, trying to sell baby clothes to a mother when there has a 19-year-old son or selling car insurance on the metro, it’s not the right audience.

There are several steps to up your chances of standing out from the crowd:

  • Have a USP; develop a unique but yet clear message of your services/product
  • Have amazing customer service; put your customers first, work around your customer’s needs
  • Highlight positive feedback to build trust; shout about your good work and who and how you helped people overcome their problem that your target audience also experience

Business Growth Guide #2 Build & Develop Your Online Presence

The best businesses in they all share one thing in common: they aim to create customer trust and reward brand loyalty. To build trust in the modern digital era requires a lot more than great customer service and happy helpful employees on the shop floor. The majority of consumers research products online before buying them.

Your business isn’t just up against the number of businesses on the high street, you’re now up against everyone on the worldwide – and you’re only ever a tap away from gaining a customer.

There are many influences to your online presence. But the most common factors that can biggest impact to your online presence is having a website and your social media channels. Focus on these areas to build customer trust and stand out.

Business Growth Guide #3 Improve The Customer Experience

Amazing customer experience will always be important for any business. A good experience means happy customers, and happy customers are loyal customers, loyal customers can be brand ambassadors.

For SME’s, the importance of a loyal customer base can’t be overstated. Thanks to the surge of the internet, customers have higher expectations than ever. Larger businesses have the resources to offer more choices in their services; offering multiple locations and lower prices. Being a smaller business, the key to competing with the larger businesses involves in providing an excellent customer experience.

These are a few winning tactics to get your business to deliver the best customer experience you can:

  • Ask how you could improve and what your customer likes about your business instead of guessing what you could improve
  • Your customers will have different needs of your company. Once you understand your customers aren’t, all the same, try segmenting them into different categories i.e. new customers; occasional customers; loyal, regular customers. Come up with different strategies that benefit all of these types of customer’s.
  • Even if you’re a business that doesn’t consider itself to be ‘web-based’ or ‘digital’, make sure you’re looking after both digital and physical customer experiences. Be looking to improve however you can, this can mean improving your website or even just looking at online reviews of your store can help.

These are just a few things to be looking to do to your business to grow, if you need some help growing your business we offer one to one support and we have specialised growth training courses designed to take you out of your business and give you time to work ON your business. Learn more about them here.