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Free SEO tools don’t grow on trees – but we’ve been wanting to bring you one for ages, and I’m excited to tell you that it’s finally here!

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) isn’t necessarily something that’s tricky – but it can certainly be hard to know where to start. Which¬†[tooltip hint=”Not a real SEO term”] do you need to reverse into which section – and does the [tooltip hint=”Also, not a real SEO term”]polarity[/tooltip] need to reversed before or after the [tooltip hint=”Not even a real thing, definitely not an SEO term”]flux capacitor[/tooltip] hits 88 miles per hour?

If any of that sounds familiar – or in any way overwhelming – that’s because it’s either complete nonsense or at best, vague references to Doctor Who and Back to the Future (good SEO is not dependant on you having watched both of these shows, but it certainly doesn’t hurt).

The point is, it can seem hard – heck, you may have even been told it’s hard. But, the truth is, there are actually lots you can do yourself, right now, easily.

How do I get a free SEO report?

We’re well known here for going above and beyond, and our SEO training is exactly that too. In addition to a load of 1:1, group workshop and e-learning you can do to get to grips with your SEO – we’re also giving you a great SEO audit tool – and it’s free. No strings attached, no free trials – just use it, get it, abuse it, do what you like with it…it’s yours, with love, from us.

It’s dead simple to use too, here’s how you do it –

  1. Head to the “Free SEO/Webpage Audit” (you can also find this in the Get Tools menu)
  2. Enter the URL (link to the web page) you want to check
  3. Enter a keyword you would like that page to rank (be found in search results) for
  4. Pop in your email address (so we can email you the report)
  5. Click Scan Now
  6. Watch Doctor Who and/or Back to the Future
Step 6 is entirely optional

Boom! It’ll take a couple of seconds to run – but you’ll be able to download the report there and then (look for the icon on the left of the page), but we’ll email you the report at the same time. You can run this tool as many times as you like (in case you want to see the effects of the changes you’re making) – and don’t forget that when optimising pages for SEO, we optimise each page that we want to rank (not just the homepage), so you may want to run the report more than once on different pages.

If you’re on Facebook, you’ll also find this tool on our Facebook Page.

  1. Head to Hypestar on Facebook (you can go directly to the Free SEO Audit tab and skip these other steps)
  2. Look for Free SEO Audit on the left-hand side (tabs)
  3. Follow the steps as detailed above to complete the form

It’s the same tool, so it’s your choice how you’d like to do it.

The report we’ll generate for you is broken down into sections, we explain what has been found that’s great – and what areas you may want to look at improving. You can send that report to other people, or work through it yourself, your choice. Some things we find that could be improved are something anyone can do (adding Alt Text to an image etc.), others you may need to have a chat with your web developer.

Can other people I know get a free SEO audit?

Of course! We’d love you to spread it around. Share it, tweet about it, blog about it, post it on Facebook, LinkedIn – wherever. We’re here to help!

We’ll keep this tool free because it’s awesome to do nice things (and we’re nice people) – so the more people we can help with it, the more we feed it’s worth it.