Take a peek at your website through someone else’s eyes

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The notion around user testing is not a new one; I’ve certainly talked about it to many of you before. You know of my penchant for reading copy aloud to check its readability (if you sound dumb reading it out loud, you’ve probably written bad copy).

Ideally, get someone else to review your website

To get someone else to test your website can be a bit of an ask. People don’t necessarily have time, so it’s great news that there’s this awesome service that is pretty cool (and free), where you can request that someone (yes, an actual real human person) will review your website.

The service (which is normally paid for) consists of testers completing preset tasks or answering questions (“What is the purpose of this page?”) – this free check is a slightly shorter version of what you can pay for, but ultimately, it gives you a great place to start.

Here’s what a tester thought about Hypestar

As you can see, there were aspects they liked and some thoughts they shared with us that were potential improvements. Of course, it’s up to us whether we implement the changes, but most made a lot of sense, and this is after all why we wanted the testing.

You can take a look at UserTesting website and get your own free 5-minute video of a person using your website or app.