How to create a link for Google reviews

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The importance of reviews, feedback and testimonials cannot be overstated. This form of social proof helps us to decide whether your particular company is the one we want to do business with. There are many services to choose from, but Google Reviews are undoubtedly a powerful player in the field.

Historically, asking your customers to complete a Google Review can be a little tricky as there’s a string of instructions asking them to click here, and tap this, and select this option. So in this guide, I want to show you how to create a direct link to your Google Review service, so your customers can simply click a link and leave their response.

We’re going to use the Google Places API to get the Place ID, I’ll walk you through the process, but you’re going to want to make a note of your Place ID.

Head to the (this is the Google Places API)
Type in your company name into the search box and select your correct location from the drop down fields

You’ll need to make a note of your Place ID for the next step, so copy it to your clipboard
Add the Place ID that you’ve just located to the end of the URL “”


So as you can see from the short animation above, Hypestar’s Place ID is ChIJByUG7pJwfkgRbrfCef8Rx54, once appended to the search URL, we get – clicking this will take you to the search results for Hypestar’s location and automatically launch the review capture box.

As long as your user is logged into their Google account, they’ll be able to go ahead and complete the form directly from that link. This means you should be able to collect reviews easier in your shop, pub, medical facility or wherever else you want to encourage people to leave their feedback.

I’ve added the link above to a button to render on the Hypestar site, go ahead, give it a click and see how it works – if you want to leave feedback about how we’ve helped you, or workshops that you’ve been on with the team, we’d love to see that.