How To Solve Writer’s Block

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The frustration. Everyone has felt before, writer’s block. It can happen to anyone at any time. You’ve finally got time to focus on getting that blog post written/finish writing that tender/whatever it may be that you need to write and have been putting off to do all week, and then you’re stopped in your tracks. WHAT DO I WRITE?!? WHAT ARE WORDS?! Yes, we’ve all felt your pain, where you have had no inspiration and no ideas are coming to you either.

Getting started can be a task in itself, but we’ve got a few ideas to make this process easier and you should come away with a few ideas!

Write In The Morning

I often find my creative juices are in full flow on a morning than on an afternoon or evening. Mainly because when you wake you have energy and you’re recharged whereas later in the day you’re more tired and drained. So try rearranging your day to do the more “challenging” jobs on a morning and the easier tasks towards the afternoon so you actually get more done in your day in general – this is applicable to more than just writer’s block.

Do Anything That’s Creative

Work on another creative project for a few hours or days and then go back to writing, whether that be doodling in a notebook, painting, putting together a desk or cooking. When I’m stuck, I sit and doodle or do research. Jumping to other projects really activates my creativity. The key is to keep exercising the creative part of your brain and eventually, you’ll tap back into the flow of writing and ultimately solve writer’s block.

Eliminate Distractions

Turn off the phone and unplug from the internet (unless you’re blogging). Clean up your workspace. A cluttered desk puts the mind in a state of confusion. Carve out some time in your schedule just for writing. Giving yourself time and space to be in solitude is important to staying focused and not checking Facebook is a massive help. Social Media is a barrier to writer’s block.

Get Moving

When you get your body into the flow, your mind follows. Write’s block is annoying and gets on everyone’s nerves. A relaxed mind is more open. You can focus longer when you are in a peaceful state. Sometimes I step away from writing, do something labour intensive to clear my mind like doing the shredding in the office, empty bins, do the washing up or even just go for a walk. If I’m at home I’d go for a run to clear my mind and return to writing in a more creative state.

Freewrite Your Brains Out

Spend time when you’re writing to write whatever comes off the top of your head even if you can’t think what to write because of writer’s block. Write nothing but jibberish, just write freely. Allow it to be random. Get rid of the rubbish out of your brain before you starting writing properly. This allows you to get rid of the random thoughts and just focus on what needs to be written.