How to take the headache out of networking

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In most cases, networking is fun and full of great prospects; networking goes hand in hand with running a successful business. But sometimes, it is just a nag and a drag.

Follow these simple and yet basic golden rules to take the headache out of networking… (to be on the safe side, don’t forget to take some paracetamol)

1. Don’t forget your alarm!

What do you think gives a better impression? Arriving early or 20 minutes late hot, bothered and stressed from running around trying to be on time – no brainer really.

Another positive: if you are there nice and early, you’ll notice that it’s calmer and quieter – people won’t have settled into groups yet. Making it easier to mingle and create your own group.

2. Have a Flippin Great Time

Why do something you hate? Networking is something you should do because you enjoy it. But if you love networking, Come to Flippin Good Networking! Build, grow and develop new relationships and most of all have a flippin great time.

3. Listen. Don’t talk. Ditch the sales pitch

Have a think with yourself, ever thought that no one knows how to talk? The truth is they do, they just can’t get a word in edge-ways for you rabbiting on about how awesome you are (I’m sure that you are) and why they should buy from you.

Networking is about building relationships, for them to work both people in the relationships need to talk. The idea is to get the conversation started, not achieve your sales goal for the month. 

4. The best bit: SMILING!

Service with a smile. The most effective – often overlooked aspect of body language. It makes you seem more warm and friendly. Nervous? Generally moody? Leave it at the door.

Have some gusto about you, good things happen to happy people.

5. What’s your gusto?

Win people over with your passion for your service/product and why you are doing it. Tell them about what inspires you do what you love – they’ll be more compelled to listen and more compelled to share themselves and so a memorable two-way conversation is born.

6. The three day rule – Brake it

Networking is the start of the conversation; not the end. Don’t wait three day’s to call, keep the conversation going to build a stronger relationship. Ask your new colleague what’s the best way of staying in touch. Get in touch sooner rather than later to show you are available and interested

Anything you think I’ve missed? 

Feel free to ask at our next Flippin Good Networking Event.