How to mute notifications on LinkedIn

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Since the new LinkedIn user interface (UI)/design rolled out following the professional network’s acquisition by Microsoft, we inexplicably lost the ability to mute notifications based on the post content.

You could stop notifications of a certain type – birthdays or networks updates, for example – but if you had commented on a post, you would then continue to receive follow-up notifications about that post.

It’s not uncommon to see an update on your timeline asking for recommendations of people who can…I saw one the other day asking for suggestions for someone who can help with lease vehicles; I happen to know someone who does just that, so I tagged him into the comments to suggest he should get in touch.

Since I did that, I have received regular (to the point of being annoying) updates about that same status, as each other person commented with the same, similar or alternative suggestions from their connections. My involvement effectively ceased when I answered the original query, so I didn’t need…or want…to be notified of anything further on that.

So, it’s with huge delight that I saw this evening that LinkedIn had restored the functionality I lamented, and you can now mute any further notifications about a specific post once you’ve had your fill of it. This might be like with me, you don’t need to be involved anymore – or maybe you had been involved in a conversation/discussion and you would rather just step away from it now.

If you head to your notifications (on your mobile device), you’ll now see an additional option in the ⋮ menu (Mute). This will mute notifications about that specific content – the option to stop all notifications of “that type” remains – in case you just don’t want to be notified about a certain type of activity.

This is a welcomed return for this feature as I had certainly questioned a few times whether I should comment on something on LinkedIn through fear that my notifications would be full of these types of updates with no ability to dismiss them.

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