Editing Your Pinterest Home Page

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Pinterest is the internet’s favourite mood board platform. With options to create countless boards & ‘pin’ (share) inspirational, educative, & eye-catching pieces of content – it’s the perfect space to plan for just about anything.

The reason why Pinterest is so effective at bringing you content you love is because it acknowledges the content that you engage with, & chooses to bring you more of this type of stuff.

So if you search for ‘motivational quotes’ on the platform. Pinterest will start bringing you more & more content that is listed (or described) as a ‘motivational quote’.

In the same way, if you start engaging with (clicking or tapping on) images of fluffy dogs. Then Pinterest will start showing you more fluffy dogs on your home feed.

This is a really handy feature for us as users!

Because it means that our home feed becomes full of content that we’re genuinely interested in.

Every time you save a Pin, your home feed is updated based on your taste.”


But what if you change your mind?

What if you don’t want to see content like motivational quotes or fluffy dogs on your home feed anymore?

What if your tastes or interests change?

To combat precisely this, and allow you as a user to have influence over the type of content that’s in your home feed. Pinterest has introduced an amazing new feature…

A tool that allows you to ‘Tune your home feed’.

Editing your home feed

Using this tool couldn’t be easier, although it can take some time.

That being said, it can literally affect the type of content you’re seeing on your home feed – so it really is worth putting in the ten or fifteen minutes and personalising your experience on the platform!

To show you precisely how this tool works, I’ve included a video demonstration below on my own Pinterest account.

How to ‘Tune’ your home feed:

  1. Visit your Pinterest home feed
  2. Select the three horizontal dots in the top right corner
  3. Choose ‘Tune your home feed’
  4. Select ‘Boards’ & turn your boards ‘on’ or ‘off’ to choose whether or not you want them to influence your home feed content
  5. Select ‘History’ & choose to ‘turn off’ Pins that you don’t want to influence the content in your home feed

How do Pins end up in the ‘History’ section?

Pins end up listed in the ‘History’ section of Pinterest’s home feed editing tool when (and only when) you have clicked/tapped on them at some point.

My thoughts on this feature

I am a big fan of this feature!

It lets you control the type of content you see in your home feed, meaning that you can continue to be inspired by relevant Pins on the platform.

It also seems to make the user relationship with Pinterest as a platform really transparent.

Meaning that the user feels truly in control of their experience.

How you can use Pinterest for your business

You might be wondering, but how does this feature help me and my business?

For me, Pinterest is a fantastic source of content ideas.

So by being given the chance to edit and fine-tune my home feed, I’m able to view content that I not only enjoy, but that helps inspire me to create great posts for social media.

All without having to trawl through content that I don’t like.

Perfect! 👌