Pinterest introduces new ‘Shopping Features’

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That’s right, this incredible platform just got a whole lot better!

Pinterest has always been a powerful online space for businesses.

With the ability to promote products, blogs, and your brand lifestyle on your Pinterest profile, the manner in which we’ve been able to use the platform up until now has already prompted an increase in website traffic and sales for a multitude of businesses & business types.

But with increasing numbers of people using Pinterest to discover new products.

The Pinterest ‘powers-that-be’ recently decided it was time to make the shopping experience for users, & the advertising and selling opportunities for brands, much better so that both could benefit in their own way.

Pinners are looking for inspiration, and brands help make that inspiration a reality.

Pinterest News

With a vision to introduce features that could help ‘Pinners’ find the products they’re searching for, Pinterest have introduced 6 new shopping features that benefit both user & business alike.

Allowing individuals to search specifically for products that they can buy then and there.

And enabling businesses to showcase their latest collection of products on the platform to help drive sales & promote their brand.

Before we dive into Pinterest’s new ‘Shopping Features’…

It’s worth mentioning that not all of the updates affect how businesses can sell to their target audience.

Many are focused on providing a better user experience for those browsing the platform for inspiration.

Despite this, it’s worthwhile being aware of the multitude of new shopping features Pinterest is rolling out, so that you better understand how your products are being found by your target audience on the platform.

Product Pins

Product pins are a new type of a category for your Pinterest pins.

They allow you to display up-to-date prices, stock levels, and descriptions for any products you list/pin on the platform.

Shopping Ads

To help you get your products in front of more people, Pinterest have introduced ‘Shopping Ads’.

Available to all Pinterest business accounts through their Ads Manager, the feature allows you to promote any of your existing product pins to your target audience.

It’s worth noting that Pinterest ‘Shopping Ads’ can only be created from product pins that are located in catalogues (see below).

Shop a brand

This feature allows users to investigate a brand’s catalogue (see below), to view their collection of listed product pins on Pinterest.


Brands are now able to upload their entire catalogue of products to Pinterest, meaning more product pins for users to browse and choose from!

The catalogue feature is also needed for any businesses looking to utilise Pinterest’s new ‘Shopping Ads’.

Searching for in-stock products just got a whole lot easier for users on Pinterest thanks to shopping search!

The feature allows people to filter their search for an item to show ‘Product Pins’ only – meaning they can find products to buy in 1 simple step!

Personalised recommendations

Alongside boards such as home, beauty, & DIY. Users will now see ideas for available, in-stock products based on the pins that they’ve been saving.

Meaning that discovering your products on the platform just became a heck of a lot easier for Pinterest’s users!

Have you taken advantage of Pinterest’s new shopping features yet?

If you have, comment below with your experience!