How to notify employees of your LinkedIn post

LinkedIn Company Pages can be a ‘difficult animal’ to get moving. There’s a useful feature that allows you to notify your employees about posts you’ve made which can be used to mobilise one of your strongest armies; your own team.

What you need to know about Twitter Lists

Twitter Lists are a feature of the popular micro-blogging platform that allows you to segment the accounts you’re following allowing you to see more of what you need to right now, re more responsive and increase your engagement (which is what it’s all about, right?).

How SME’s can use Snapchat Groups

Did you hear about this thing called Snapchat? Everyone is buzzing about it, how businesses should be using it. Well, Snapchat has added Snapchat Groups.

How do you React to Facebook Posts?

From the launch of the original Like option to the most recent Reactions.  The way we’re asking our followers and fans to respond to our content is growing.