How to notify employees of your LinkedIn post

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Who can use this feature?

An admin can notify employees once every seven days, per update. And I think this is really important – as we continue to look for ways to make LinkedIn Company Pages as engaging, useful and relevant, as perhaps we feel our Facebook Company Pages are, employee engagement is a critical component to this; but it must be used with reverence. A forced ‘you must share all content’ is not an engagement (or engaging) policy.

Share interesting posts with your employees once every seven days.


So it’s not a ‘hit them with everything, but cherry-pick. Choose wisely and you may well find that your team are more aware of what’s happening centrally and will want to share more of your brand’s content.

How do you notify your team about your post?

  1. Create the content from your Company Page on LinkedIn and post it
  2. Click the menu in the upper right-hand corner of the post (…)
  3. Click “🔔 Notify employees of post”

Once prompted you can confirm that this is ‘the nudge’ you want to send.

And boom, employees (who have listed your Company Page as an employer, obviously), will receive that notification.

What will employees see?

Employees will be notified that your organisation has shared a post with them through their notification updates. What they do with that, is obviously up to them – but this is where your engagement policy comes in.

What this feature is bridging, is the gap between our strongest advocates (the team that makes our businesses what they are) and what they’re seeing in and on their feed. Sometimes we can’t see the wood for the trees and our own content can slide on by because our team is looking out for other content.

How will it affect your LinkedIn analytics?

This is perhaps an issue for brands with larger teams. The updates will appear as “Employees notified” when viewing organic impressions or update engagement analytics. If there’s only a few of you, this is perhaps not going to skew anything major – but it’s being carved out, so you need not worry.