Using Gmail’s Canned Responses to save time in Email

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Do you ever get emails that you find yourself sending the same responses to over and over? Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could just drop in a reply from a saved bank? Having these replies in a ‘can’, ready to go is exactly what’s available from all version of Gmail and it can save you some serious time.

One of the programmes we run here at Hypestar is HypeXpert – it’s for people who want to showcase their talents, share their knowledge and otherwise help the Digital Stars community. We have a page setup to answer any and all questions about the programme, but people still often email in and ask if we accept guest posts.

I found that I was spending quite of a lot of time responding with basically the same details about what was involved and how they could find out more. So, with the addition of ‘Canned Responses’, you can write the response once, save it and add it with a couple of clicks into any new email or reply.

Not only does it save time, but I’ve found that it keeps consistency as well because it allows us all to make sure we’re sending the same response, to the same queries, in the same way.

Have you used it before? Let me know how you use it in the comments below…