How to see who’s sharing your content on Twitter

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If someone shares your content on Twitter, and tags you in that Tweet you’ll be notified (because your account has been ‘@ mentioned’). This is really useful because you get to see who’s saying what, where and when.

You can use this approach to monitor, respond and engage with folks who are talking about your brand and sharing your content (it’s always nice to give them a Like or a ‘hey thanks’)

A Tweet that mentions an account

The fact that this tweet mentions the @HypestarUK account means that we will see it in the notifications. It’s always appreciated when Tweeters tag us in their tweets – it helps raise our profile and of course, as you can imagine from the title of this article, it helps us see who is sharing our content on Twitter.

A Tweet that does not mention an account

However, people don’t always mention an account; and there are lots of reasons why they may not. They may simply not want to, they could forget, they might just forget or they may just run out of room in the precious 140 character Tweet estate.  If you follow these accounts [on Twitter], you could still see this tweet – but it’s likely that you don’t follow everyone that happens to tweet about your content, so there’s a [good] chance that you could miss someone who’s sharing your awesome content.

But I love to see these conversations, it helps me recognise what content is working well. Also, seeing conversations that you’re tagged in can give you a unique insight into how people perceive your brand and the content you’re generating.

I would have missed that this Twitter user shared a link to my Klout article had I not been using this method of [tooltip hint=”Social listening is the method is listening to conversations based on certain keywords or phrases”]social listening[/tooltip].

Hootsuite search

So we know that there’s content out there, so we need to find it. For this, we can use Hootsuite. Hootsuite is an awesome social media management tool that allows you to manage all of your social media account in one place. One of the features that the tool offers is the ability to search for Twitter content.

This can be from a range of criteria, but for this article, I want to focus on the main topic which is your content. I’m assuming that your content is published to your domain (I post the content I write to So what we need to pull from Twitter is any Tweets that contain links to anything on the domain

So if we do a search for this (using as an example) then all [public] Tweets can be retrieved that contain a link to your domain.

How to see who’s sharing your content on Twitter using Hootsuite

Some Most of these will be Tweets that do mention us, but in amongst these, you’ll see folks who are actively sharing your content but haven’t tagged you in.

Additionally – as if that’s not awesome enough – even links that have been shortened (for example,, will be shown (providing that they point to your domain).

So, use this search as a recurring stream (set it up and keep checking it routinely) to ensure that you don’t miss anyone sharing your great website content on Twitter.