YouTube to add a new feature that will improve your life

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Youtube, the modern-day ‘You’ve Been Framed”. The one place on the internet where you can see funny lip reading of the super bowl, see celebs sing to their heart’s content with that guy from Gavin and Stacey and watch things in super slow-mo.

But don’t you hate it when you zone out and you miss the most important part of the video and you skip back 100 seconds to many? I feel your pain.

YouTube is trying out a feature that allows you to skip backwards and forward ten-second intervals, brilliant for those quick replays or just skipping a boring portion of the video, the feature is in many cases vastly better than fiddling with the video’s slider on the bottom. To do so, you can double-tap the right and left-hand sides of the video.

If you are watching a longer video or if you feel a bit tap-happy, triple or quadruple tap will send you back 20 or 30 seconds back apparently.