7 things to focus on other than social media

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Social media is a wonderful way to grow your business. You shouldn’t discard that but it’s not the only thing that provides growth.

There are other just as important factors that will work alongside helping grow your presence online.

Here are a few examples of what you can work towards that will benefit your business.

Good customer service

Good customer service, as plain and simple as it sounds, is an important part of your business.

Take time to understand your demographic. Create a relationship with your customers. 

This will reward you with loyalty, consequently helping a trusted offline relationship become a trusted online relationship. 

Your very first customers are a major part of your future customers, they will get the first impression of your service.

Brand Identity

There’s no point focusing all your efforts on social media if you don’t have your own brand identity.

Your brand identity wants to reflect your service, product and yourself positively and accurately.

Ways you can start to enforce your brand image across your business is by starting to choose your company colours, fonts; general stylistic choices.

Stick by these choices, don’t differ. Over time, by implementing your brand identity across your platforms and products you will start to see people recognising your brand.

Your strengths

If social media isn’t your strength don’t force it to be. 

Over time you will start to notice that some things won’t come as naturally for you.

Digital Hype here at EMS is just one way we can help round a general marketing funnel for you, we want to help you through this journey.

To gain momentum in your business you need to stop getting stuck on tasks you don’t know how to do but instead, focus on what you can do.

Be cost-effective

Not being cost-effective is obsessing over perfection or the wrong details.

Keep in mind that focusing too much time on one post, which might only gain recognition by a few, will only halt you in your progression.

Start to prioritise certain aspects of your business by urgency and importance.

This will start to create a more cost-effective way of managing your time.

You want to be able to start seeing results in your actions. Start to take more thought through steps to help yourself start to see positive actions made.


Focus on documenting your process.

You need to be able to evaluate your process. To help make the correct decisions for future preference, instead of making the same mistakes in the past.

When starting up it can be a bit hectic, keeping track of the process will help you feel on top of things.

Just simply jot down what succeeded and what didn’t. This will be beneficial when you decided to create new sales revenues.

By taking into consideration of what your customer benefited from will help you provide a better product or service.


Take time to work on your communication skills.

An easy but effective way to get help or seek advice is by communicating.

Emailing, calling and meeting with others are just a few ways you can start to build a foundation that will be a reliable source of advice.

Communication is linked back to your good customer service. Being able to communicate with your customers only strengthens growing relationships; equally enticing more profits.

Word of mouth is a powerful way to branch out. Use this to your advantage.

Learning to communicate effectively will help you to distinguish the future prospects you might have in mind.


Learn how to analyse.

This works hand in hand with documenting.

To be successful you can’t be afraid to sit down and learn from previous performances or competitors.

Just by analysing any trends that have emerged you can take influence and involve them within your business.

You are only expanding your knowledge.

If you are someone looking towards growing your business in different ways.

We offer Going For Growth to help expand your knowledge on ways you can.

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