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It can take some time before people see your new business as trustworthy. One of the ways to show your potential customers that your business is credible is to present them with the thoughts of those who already tried it. Or simply said – get some reviews! 

Did you know that 70% of consumers trust online reviews more than advertisements created by a company? Also, 68% of buyers are more likely to trust a local business if they read positive reviews about it.

However, getting a review when you’re just setting up, isn’t as easy as it sounds. But we’ve got you covered with some tips!

Ask family and friends

The best way to get your very first reviews is to ask people you know to write them. Even if they haven’t tried what you offer, they can definitely say something about your personality including how you treat other people.

You might be thinking – but why would someone want to read about my personality and not my business? People want to know who is hiding behind the name of your business. They want to know what your values are, why you started your business in the first place and even what you did before that! People buy from people, not from businesses. Personal reviews can help you build trust and connection with your prospects.

Encourage your customers to leave a review

A customer buys from you and is happy with both your product or service and the experience. They even tell you how pleased they are. But they never write a review. You might be wondering why. The answer is simple – you didn’t ask them. 

Don’t be afraid to ask your customers to leave a review! Explain how much feedback means to you and how it can help a startup like yours. According to a study, 91% of people write reviews to help other customers. Ask your customers to write a review to help other people who might benefit from using the same product or service! 

You can ask your customers in person or include a call to action in your marketing materials. After they purchase something, follow up with a thank you email and encourage them to share the experience they’ve had with your business by writing a review. 

Give something in exchange 

When just starting up, some business owners make a big mistake and buy reviews thinking it will make their business look more trustworthy. However, fake reviews don’t provide any in-depth information and usually are five stars ratings with a few words from people with weird names and no profile pictures. That makes your business look suspicious and definitely not trustworthy.

If you have some extra budget you can spare for reviews, you can reward your actual customers for writing them! You can offer a free product or service, a gift card, an entry to a competition or a discount. Just make sure you set some rules. For example, you must write at least 50 words to qualify. This will help you avoid reviews such as “nice place”, “good service” or “love it”.

Think about the details 

Providing high-quality products and services isn’t enough to impress your customers. You need to think about every little detail that could make a big difference in how people feel about you and your business. 

If you sell physical products, think about the packaging. Is it aesthetically pleasing? Environmentally friendly? Reusable? 

Think about your customer service. Can people reach you easily? Can you answer all the questions they might have? How do you treat them when they visit your office/store?

Think about personalising your orders and online content. When delivering products, include a hand-written thank you note. When sending marketing materials, make sure you send the right content to the right people. Make your prospects and customers feel appreciated no matter at what stage of the buyer’s journey they are. 

Creating a connection, building trust and surprising people with little things such as thank you notes make your customers more likely to share how impressed they are with your business. 

Offer your services in exchange for a review

If you’re a new business that provides a service but don’t have an impressive portfolio and hundreds of great reviews, getting your first clients can be difficult.

To get your name out there, you can do some work for exposure. Of course, working for free is never a good option, so don’t give away the whole package. Offer limited service or discounted prices.

People love trying before buying. If they’re pleased with what you do and the quality of your work, they are likely to become your customers and pay the full price!