How To Make Press and Hold Images For Facebook

Table of Contents

You probably haven’t seen much of these images but they are a unique piece content to share on social media image. If you aren’t aware of what a “Press and Hold Facebook Post” is, it’s an interactive photo post. You HAVE to be on the Facebook app on mobile for it to work.

What You Need

  1. iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch with iOS 9.0 or higher (This is one time where iPhones trump Android. Androids don’t support press and hold images. This because the few Andriod phones that support “Live” or “Motion” photos can’t be shared with the animation unlike iPhones)
  2. Video OR Photos for the big reveal
  3. Image to tell people to press & hold to see what you have to reveal
  4. intoLive app

Step 1: Open Choose Your Video or Photos

These will be the images that you see as you press and hold down on the original image. You have 2 choices for this:

  1. You can reveal a video up to 30 seconds long
  2. You can select up to 30 photos to create a slideshow

Simple as that.

Step 2: Select Your Interactive Photo

This is the first thing a viewer will see before they press and hold down on your post. Use an image that has a clear prompt to hold down on the image. You can create a highly engaging image in Canva; they’re other apps available to edit and create this image. We recommend you keep the aspect ratio of the pressed image on the revealed content the same otherwise it will look odd. People who view the post on a computer will see the post but nothing will happen, this only works for the Facebook mobile app. If you want to create a paid advert campaign it’s best to target users on mobile giving you defined target audience.

Step 3: Save & Share Your Image

Once you have made your images in the intoLive app, save your image and open the Facebook App. Create a post the same way you normally would and select your press and hold image; when you select your image make sure the image has the “Live” icon in the bottom right corner of the image when selected. In your Facebook post, you should say “press and hold” also because it only works on mobile maybe mention “mobile only”.