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Managing Facebook Page Events

You can add someone else's events to your Page to ensure all activity is collected in one place and you're promoting your event in this most effective way! It's really simple (few clicks) - we show you how to do it.

If you hold your events at someone else’s venue, it would be helpful to you if they could add your event to their Facebook Page, right? It helps raises awareness of your event, and of course, helps their own fans know what’s happening at their favourite venue!

Or perhaps you are a venue that hosts events and you would like to add your clients’ events to your Facebook Page.

Up until now, we’ve certainly known that you can share someone else’s events, but that doesn’t list the event actually in your Events tab – and Facebook events are powerful creatures – used in the right way, you can get people to your event and/or venue with just ‘that one’ attendee.

Here’s how you add someone else’s event to your Page

  1. Visit the event you want to add to your page
    Adding someone else's event to your Facebook Page
  2. Hit the menu
  3. Select “Add to Page…”
  4. Choose your Page and Select “Add Event”

Of course, if you want your event listed on someone else’s Page, you need to ask them to complete these steps.

It’s that simple, I’ve been asking Acklam Hall to add our events to their Facebook Page and they’ve been more than happy to (it helps us and shows the diversity of what they’re offering at their venue).

Have you tried this before? Give it a go and let me know how you get on!

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