How can we help you start a business?

Do you dream of starting a business…but don’t know where to start?

Starting a business can be a rewarding and flexible lifestyle. But it doesn’t have to be over complicated. You may be thinking:
  • Where do I begin?
  • What do I need to do?
  • Who can help me?
At EMS, we have a team of specialist business advisors waiting to help you. After all, we have helped start over 5,000 since 2010. Best of all 74% of them are trading after 3 years! We know there’s nothing stopping you. You just need:
  • the right support
  • a great idea
  • an actual business plan
Our experienced team of business advisors have had their own businesses before and can support you to make informed decisions about your business and get you off to the best start.

a business

We offer one-on-one support provided by a dedicated team of business advisors and a range of workshops available to clients who are taking the first steps into self-employment. This could be looking at an initial idea and developing it further, looking at how to start a business plan, business competitors, business marketing.



Starting your own business is a journey and those initial steps are often the most difficult. That’s why we support you, every step of the way.

From startup business advice whilst you consider your options and affordable business finance to fund your startup, to step-by-step business guides to get you up-and-running, and mentoring after you start trading.

When you start working with us, our expert business advisers are on hand with business planning templates to help you write a business planand apply for a Start Up Loan.

How do we develop your business idea?

Business Planning

Work with our business advisors and develop your idea as well as your business plan.

Skills Development

We run multiple workshops to help you develop the skills you will need to run your business.

Loans and grants

We can help you apply for low-interest small business loans and grants, when applicable.

The Journey Of Starting A Business


The Idea

You’ve now had the idea, we can help you to explore the viability of the idea



Time to research the marketplace and see if we can make the idea a business. Our business advisors will help you explore this avenue.



Put together a detailed plan to help you develop your business for the future. We have a template you can use and we will work with you to write it.



Take the leap and launch the business and register with HRMC. Our business advisors will help you to get you started through the whole process.



Here to offer you advice once you have started your business as well as workshops to drive your business’s growth.

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Download The Ultimate Guide For Anyone Considering Self-Employment

Make ‘taking the leap’ seem like stepping off a kerb.

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FREE Start-Up advice from the UK’s biggest growth trainer, having helped 4554 new businesses since 2010.

85% of those businesses have survived after 1 year.
74% of those businesses have survived after 3 years.

What This Guide Covers:

So You can:

Are you ready to make a plan to start your business?

Want to learn how to start your own business? This video will teach you everything you need to know about writing a business plan!

This video series is going to walk you through all the basics of starting your own business plan! It’s for you if you’re just starting a business (or haven’t even started yet at all).

It’s also for entrepreneurs who are a little further along in their journey… but want a refresher of the fundamentals (and to double-check they didn’t miss any steps of the process).