How To Talk About What You Sell

We are in the 21st century now, and the way we sell has evolved to focus on a brand more than your product or service. Moreover, the science behind it is not that crazy either. This method of sales/marketing looks at: Focusing on selling the solution, not the problem Talking about your product or service Let […]

What You Need In Your Home Office

The thought of having a home office sounds good to most. You get to work from the comfort of your home. But working can lose it’s drawbacks after so long.

How to Cultivate New Business Ideas

As a new business owner, you want to keep thinking of new ideas for your business for the future. The key is to keep daily habits that make our brain burst with ideas natively. Let’s run over a few. Use Structured Exercises Creativity thrives on structure, creative energy needs to be channelled through some sort […]

Do you know what to wear at work?

So now here you are! Self-employed! You’ve started your own business. We know it’s going swimmingly but do you know what to wear to work?

6 Essential design tips for your first marketing campaign

6 Essential design tips for your new businesses first marketing campaign You know your new business exists but no one else knows it does! Your first marketing campaign needs to be fresh and remarkable but when you’re starting out so you don’t exactly have a huge budget for marketing resources. It can be hard to […]