5 ways to make your new business boom for bonfire night

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The spooky ghouls of Halloween have gone now it’s time to make your new business boom for bonfire night! We have 5 great tips for you to follow.

1.Who Actually Wants To Be Average?

Seriously? If you want to make your business boom think about your goals. Set them; then smash them!

You will have to think carefully about your targets, ensuring you can aim for them and track your progress at the same time and boost efforts where necessary. Review and have a serious think; where do I want my company to be in a month, six months, one year and then five years, then include these in your objective’s:

  • A number of sales.
  • The amount of profit.
  • The size of the workforce.
  • Quality of sales

Tailor these targets to what your business does and form some strategies for reaching them. Also, implement some way of tracking your progress so you can see whether or not the goals you have set are practical in any way.

2.Get Creative With It!

You’ll have to think outside the box or you’ll be stuck in the box. Grow your business in eccentric ways so that you can stand out from the competition and thrive for more.

This applies to a range of areas from how you choose to market your services, to the manner in which your staff are directed through their projects.

Be neoteric in all business aspects such as finding office space for your team or delivering your goods to those who need them most.

If you can’t think of anything beyond the traditional, there are a number of business advisors who can help you stay innovative and make a mark in everything from branding to bookkeeping.

3.Be The Hostess With The Mostest!

Hosting an event is a great (and can be a very inexpensive) way to attract new customers, cement relationships with existing customers and build buzz about your business.

But the idea of hosting an event intimidates many small-business owners. There can be lots of variables involved in pulling an event together, but don’t let that scare you off.

Really all you need to answer is What, When, Who, How and Why but I’ve already done that for.

What – What type of event will you host? Will it be a networking event too? And open morning for someone to pick your mind about financial advice?
If you need some inspiration, come to our Flippin Good Networking event.

When – Timing is key, no one will really want to go for some networking on Friday afternoon or during half term when their kids are off. And if it’s a recurring event try and keep it the same time event month so it sticks in peoples minds.

Who – Everyone a Customer! Invite pre-existing customer’s and get them to share it with their groups and create viral catalyst effect.

How – Set a budget. You may find costs are adding up to a price beyond your means. That’s when it’s time to either scale it down or find a way to bring in additional money. Depending on the event, consider seeking a sponsor.

4.Love, Don’t Hate Social Media

Lastly, you should never, ever skimp on advertising. No matter how badly you think your company is doing, promoting it is the only way to turn things around and at least your making the effort.

That’s why Social Media is a great tool. It’s free, simple to use and you can connect with your audience at the touch of a few buttons.

  • What are they looking for in advertisements?
  • Which forms of media will be most effective?
  • What type of budget will you require for this?

Look and develop a comprehensive strategy to connect with your target audiences. A well-planned marketing campaign can have big and positive impacts. Why not talk to HypeStar to see if they can help with your social media campaigns.

5.Never Think Inside The Box

There is more than one way to skin a cat. Gruesome metaphor but your business follows a similar principle. Never just think your service/product is just this. Truth is, your business can do everything, it can be this, that and that.

For example, if you are a cleaning company you’re not just going to clean houses, you have the potential to clean office space’s; even work with a local council/owners of an office building having a contract stating you’ll clean the whole building. You could even go as far as cleaning cars.

It’s just a matter of being bold enough to diversify your business to be more.