How To Talk About What You Sell

Table of Contents

We are in the 21st century now, and the way we sell has evolved to focus on a brand more than your product or service. Moreover, the science behind it is not that crazy either.

This method of sales/marketing looks at:

  1. Focusing on selling the solution, not the problem
  2. Talking about your product or service
  3. Let your audience do your marketing for you

Concentrate on selling the solution, not the problem

Yes by identifying your customers have some form of problem you are attracting the right type of attention from your target audience, but that does make your businesses marketing come across as negative. Negative content will not attract and convert as many customers as positive content will.

Take a look at this example and tell me which one you found rather learn more about.

  • Example A: “What are you waiting for? Hand in your rusty heap of junk before it brakes down on the side of the road! Buy a new car right now!”
  • Example B: “Drive away today with the car of your dreams. Have a car you are proud of – you will be rewarded.”

Example B sounds much more appealing as it is uplifting while still implying a sense of urgency. The focus is the outcome and how that will make the customer feel rather than the cause of the problem.

Talk about your product or service

Lot’s of business do this these days. They feature the product or service but talk all ways around it but don’t speak of the product. You can transform your product or service into a tool that your customers need to achieve the outcome while highlighting the result.

An example you of talking around your product or service Vans featuring in Portugals skater competition. Vans target market is the young adults/teenagers that are active BMXers and skateboards. So it would make sense for them to sponsor the event. The Vans logo, strapline, and clothing feature heavily but subtly throughout the video. This form of incognito marketing is useful for all sizes of businesses.

Let your audience do your marketing for you

With your audience, encourage engagement and share their experiences with your business. It acts as free advertising for yourself and makes your audience feels good because they get to show their love of your products or services. This also builds connections with audience members, sharing theses stories can boost reach as well.