5 Social Media Trends for 2019 [Hootsuite’s Full Report]

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Hootsuite have released their latest ‘Social Media Trends’ report, and it’s nothing short of incredibly exciting!

Based on a survey of 3255 Hootsuite business customers, the report was conducted in Q3 2018, and is not so much a prediction on what will be popular in the industry in 2019 …

*We’re not talking about another ‘Grumpy Cat’ or ‘Doug the Pug’ here!*

… instead, the report is a reflection on where social media is heading, and how it will likely adapt in 2019 to keep favour with how its billions of users are acting on the platforms.

Sounds awesome, right?! If you’re interested in what Hootsuite have to say, have a read below!

Rebuilding Trust

The first trend Hootsuite focuses on is rebuilding trust online.

As a result of multiple scandals in recent years – did I hear someone say ‘Cambridge Analytica’? – it’s clear that social media users want transparency.

They want an experience on the platforms that isn’t clouded by doubt and uncertainty.

According to Edelman’s 2018 Trust Barometer Report, 60 percent of people no longer trust social media companies.


Whether this be in relation to how their data is being used, or how legitimate businesses are really being online. It’s clear that trust needs to be restored through honest actions across all platforms.

What does this mean for businesses online?

For the millions of businesses who use social media to build awareness or promote products or services, the idea that our customers are becoming sceptical of social media platforms can sound daunting!

The good news is that our customers haven’t stopped using social media altogether.

Instead, they’re searching for genuine, exciting content that is raw and real.

Businesses can respond to this by ignoring vanity metrics – such as ‘likes’ or ‘followers’ – and look to create valuable content for their audience that they’ll want to engage with & share with their friends.

So think about creating a valuable, intimate following for your business online. And look to share genuine, authentic content that is true to your brand and that will hold meaning for those who are viewing it.

Storifying Social

The next trend that Hootsuite focuses on is ‘Stories’.

Following on in the same vein from the idea of raw, real content. Stories allow brands to create bite-sized pieces of content that are less polished than the countless edited photos or videos we typically see posted online.

Stories feel real, immediate, and intensely personal.


And although many of us might feel uncomfortable posting content such as this, it’s been predicted that Stories are set to surpass engagement on newsfeeds within the year.

So maybe it’s time we all came up with a strategy!

What does this mean for businesses online?

Just to make it clear, I’m in no way advocating that you stop posting regular content on your newsfeed!

But think about having a well-rounded collection of different content types on your social media platforms.

*If this means re-thinking which platforms you use – so that you can truly give them your time and attention – then perhaps this is the perfect excuse for you to cull that 3 year old Twitter account that’s not been bringing any sales?*

Equally, I understand that for some of us, creating raw content in this way might seem out of place or unprofessional for your brand.

But believe me when I say that we can all start incorporating Stories into our mix on social media.

Even if it’s as simple as the view from the office window, or a quick video of you and your colleague driving to a meeting. Stories allow your audience to feel like you’re letting them in and showing them the people behind the brand.

Don’t worry about getting this type of content 100% first time. As with anything, test & experiment with the content you put in your Stories to see what resonates best with your audience.

The Era of the Advert

The third trend Hootsuite focuses on is the era of the advert.

As you’ll know from our recent blog – ‘7 Facebook Stats You Need to Know for Your Business’ – 24.4% of Facebook Business Pages are now thought to be using paid media on the platform.

And with this increased competition comes rising costs for brands looking to advertise online; as more and more compete for the attention of their target audience.

Having said this, you can now breathe a sigh of relief.

Because there’s simply no guarantee that paying your way will result in a stronger audience – or more customers – on social media platforms.

While you may be able to pay your way into someone’s newsfeed, that’s no guarantee that anyone is going to pay attention.


Paying for advertising online certainly allows you to connect with countless more customers & potential customers than organic (unpaid) content alone.

However, if you neglect the demand for genuine, valuable content elsewhere on your social media accounts, Hootsuite is suggesting that many simply won’t want to invest in your brand – no matter how good, or how expensive your advert might have been.

What does this mean for businesses online?

To overcome this, think about trends 1 & 2.

Make sure you create content that will resonate with your audience, then promote this on social media through paid adverts.

Shouting about how awesome our products or services are just won’t cut it anymore.

We need to show our audience that they’re part of a community online by inspiring them with incredible content that makes them want to be involved in our brand movement.

Let the mind mapping begin!

Shopping on Social

The next trend Hootsuite introduces is all about making shopping on social media easy!

Despite the introduction of Facebook ‘Marketplace’, or Instagram’s ‘shoppable’ product tags, many feel that the true potential of shopping on social media hasn’t yet been unlocked.

Nonetheless, social media platforms are constantly looking to make the shopping experience on their channels an easy, seamless, and sociable experience for their users.

Finding ways to make shopping live, interactive, and seamless – even on mobile devices – is key.


What does this mean for businesses online?

These constant developments are fantastic for our businesses.

As they allow the journey from our audience seeing a product or service they’re interested in, to buying or booking that product or service as short and easy as possible!

This means that the valuable, inspiring, lifestyle-focused content mentioned in trends 1 – 3 is more important than ever.

Because in showing people how they can fit our products or services into their lives for the better, they’ll have far more of an emotional incentive to invest in our businesses.

This, paired with the ability to impulse buy/book thanks to the shoppable features introduced on social media platforms, is the perfect recipe for us seeing more conversions through social media.

Hypeful Hint: Think about incorporating pictures of your existing customers using your products or services in your content. This way your customers will feel like they can trust your brand & your products all the more!

Managing on Messenger

The final trend Hootsuite focuses on is messaging apps.

As we’ve seen from the trends mentioned above, many are now wanting an intimate, private experience with brands online.

This means that direct conversations with brand representatives and helpful feedback or information via messaging applications – such as Whatsapp – have become increasingly popular for consumers.

This shift from public to private spaces is eye-opening for many…


What does this mean for businesses online?

Although this trend might sound like more work from a customer service perspective, many businesses have responded!

With countless brands now choosing to use messenger apps to have deeper conversations with their customers over advertising to them again.

This is a fantastic idea for any business. As one-to-one conversations can allow customers to build trust in a brand, ultimately creating a stronger (more loyal) bond between business and consumer.

Maybe this is the ideal time for you to start thinking about how you can have direct conversations with your own customers on social media?

Just remember to make a clear plan for yourself here.

Think about the types of inquiries or questions you’re happy to answer over messenger, as opposed to over the phone or face to face.

This can be important so that you don’t receive unwelcome or complicated messages from customers that simply can’t be resolved through the application.

How do you feel about Hootsuite’s report? Leave any comments or thoughts below! 😊