7 Facebook Stats You Need To Know For Your Business

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We all understand that having a social presence is important for our business.

But just how significant is it for our conversion rate?

How much time should we actually spend creating content for our audience on social media?

Here at Hypestar, we understand that for businesses like yourselves, knowledge is power!

Which is why we’ve put together our top 7 Facebook stats for 2019 that will give you the confidence to keep working on your presence on social media. And, more specifically, on this incredible platform.

The statistics below will help you understand how your audience is using the platform, & therefore where you should be putting the effort in to achieve success on Facebook.

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Facebook Statistics [2019]

Facebook has 2.23 billion users per month

1# Facebook has 2.23 billion monthly users

Facebook is undoubtedly the world’s most popular social media platform.

And because of this incredible audience size, you as a business have the potential to find & connect with your ideal customer on the platform.

Because believe me when I tell you that they’re definitely in there somewhere!

And with an 11% year-over-year increase in monthly active users, you can bet that your pool of potential clients will only continue to grow.

Facebook is the top platform for B2B and B2C businesses

2# Facebook is the top platform for B2B and B2C businesses

Facebook is incredibly versatile as a platform!

With Facebook Business Pages, Facebook Groups, & Individual Profiles, it allows people and companies to connect in completely unique ways.

Because of this, the platform is used for both personal & professional means.

Making it an easy, accessible space for businesses & customers to engage with one another and build relationships.

(Unlike platforms like LinkedIn where solely professional relationships dictate the type of content & the tone of communication used.)

This means that no matter what your business does, or who your ideal audience is. Facebook is a fantastic platform for you to be on to increase your brand awareness, & find those all important leads.

24.2% of Facebook Pages are using paid media

3# 24.2% of Facebook Pages are using paid media

How does this statistic make you feel?

Don’t panic!

And don’t feel like you’re now competing with a hell of a lot of other businesses to reach your target audience.

Because you already were.

However, the good news is that of these 24.2% of businesses on Facebook, you can bet that only a small percentage of this pool are targeting your ideal customer.

Meaning that the competition for your specific audience is not as much as this statistic would have you believe.

What’s more, Facebook allows you to customise your target audience when it comes to advertising. Or, it allows you to try and reach your ideal customer through the use of hashtags & keywords in posts.

2 billion daily searches are made on Facebook every day

4# 2 billion searches are made on Facebook daily

How incredible is that?!

What’s more, this statistic was last reported in June 2016. So it can be expected that this figure has increased tenfold!

This is great news for you & your business on Facebook.

Because it means that as long as you’re signposting your content well, and including keywords that are relevant to your products & industry, that hundreds (if not thousands) of people can still find your content through search alone.

44% of consumers admit their shopping is influenced by Facebook

5# 44% of consumers admit their shopping is influenced by Facebook

I know mine is…

And isn’t this fantastic for businesses like yours!

Because it shows that Facebook Ads aren’t just capturing the attention of a business’s target audience. They’re also actively changing their shopping habits as a result of exposure.

Meaning that if you continue to persevere with those (sometimes frustrating!) Facebook Ads, there’s a real chance that you’ll start to see an increase in conversions from the platform.

And that’s the power of advertising folks!

An average Facebook user clicks on 8 ads per month

6# An average Facebook user clicks on 8 ads per month

And who’s to say that 1 of them won’t be yours?

As long as you’re targeting your Facebook Adverts to a customised, narrow audience. There’s a 1 in 8 chance that a new customer will click onto your ad and through to your landing page as a result of these marketing efforts on the platform.

Want to know more about creating Facebook Ads for your business? See our workshop for more details on learning how to do it yourself!

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26% of Facebook users who clicked on ads reported making a purchase

7# 26% of Facebook users who clicked on ads reported making a purchase

If we go off the previous statistic, this means that 2 out of 8 ads that are clicked on per month will result in a conversion.

So when you think about the budget that you’ll be setting for your Facebook Ads, consider that that money has to compensate for a handful of click-throughs that don’t result in a paying customer.

This is a really handy statistic to bear in mind, & it gives you a realistic insight into the power of (and the reality of) advertising as a business on Facebook.

I hope that these statistics have helped you understand how you can look to use Facebook as a platform for your business in 2019.

If you have any comments about this article, feel free to leave them below & we’ll be sure to join in on the discussion!

Please note that these statistics were sourced from news reports & other blog pages. They should in no way directly influence your investment on Facebook as a business platform.