Benefits of Networking Events and How to Prepare for Them

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Networking events provide an opportunity for business owners to build and develop relationships with people of similar interests in ways that can benefit all parties involved.

According to research, professionals who spent 6.3 hours a week networking agreed that it played a crucial role in their success. But did you know that one in four professionals don’t network at all?

an image showing that one in four professional don't network at all

For many entrepreneurs, the main purpose of networking is to generate new business, find business partners and meet potential clients or suppliers. 

However, networking has many other benefits. 

You can exchange ideas and feel inspired

Are you looking for the next great business idea but can’t quite get there? Hearing others’ experiences can inspire new ideas and perspectives to help you in your business. Speaking to like-minded people can give you that motivation you need to push you toward your next business venture.

Networking lets you find out what your competitors are up to

While you already know who your competitors are and what they offer, being in the same room and having conversations with them can give you an in-depth insight into their strengths and weaknesses. Once you know the success and failures of your competitors, you can use them as inspiration to improve your unique selling points.

An image showing that you can't fight your competitors without knowing them

You can gather industry information

Building and maintaining professional relationships lets you stay up to date with the latest industry trends and developments. This can help you with the competition. By getting to know some inside information and industry tips, you can implement new and fresh ways of doing things. So next time you are at a networking event, why don’t you ask your colleagues what software they use to manage their marketing campaigns? You might learn about new software that is more effective than the one you’re using! 

You can learn from others

Networking is not only great for sharing your knowledge but also for learning new things. While talking to other business owners, you can learn more about their journey, ask about the challenges they faced and how they overcame them. There will likely be people who have already been where you are right now, so you get an opportunity to understand or even avoid some of the most common challenges they experienced.

Networking helps with growing self-confidence

Many people find it difficult to make new connections, especially when starting. They feel shy and sometimes even try to avoid social situations. The best way to change it is by putting yourself out there. By networking regularly and pushing yourself out of your comfort zone, you can ‘learn’ how to enjoy meeting new people and feel more confident. 

How to prepare for a networking event?

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Find out who is attending the event and make a note of people you would like to speak to. Look up those people on social media or simply do a quick Google search. This will help you understand what they do and prepare some questions. You’ll feel more confident approaching them and maximise your chances of having a productive conversation. 

Prepare an introduction

Make sure you make a good first impression! Prepare a short business pitch that you can use in conversations with event attendees. Don’t forget to include your name, what you do and why you’re attending the event. It might sound obvious, but it’s better to be prepared! 

Remember your business cards

Business cards are networking essential. They are the quickest way to share who you are and how you can be contacted. Oh, and don’t forget to bring more than you think you’ll need!

Now that you know the benefits of networking events and how to prepare for them, why don’t you attend one of ours and make new connections! For more information, click here and book your place now.