Christmas Team Building Ideas You Need To Try This Year

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Christmas is only just around the corner and it’s not just all about your family, it’s about your work family as well. Now traditionally the workload begins to dry up a little bit towards the Christmas holidays (unless you are Santa Claus), why not spend that time bringing people together by encouraging collaboration, teamwork and good memories by team building activities.

Team building is a great idea!

It boosts teamwork, team spirit, it’s fun and motivational. Especially if you have taken on new members of staff. It’s a great way of getting to know each other better. So what’s number first on the list?

Office Christmas Party

The famous office Christmas party. To get anywhere good you need to start booking a venue in July it seems but here’s a great website to find a Christmas Party near you for the last-minute types –

Secret Santa

Secret Santa is an awesome team building idea, you can go down one of two ways. Who can buy the funniest gift or I don’t know that person very well I’ll just get them some chocolate. I personally go the funny route but either way, it’s all good fun.

Office Bake Off

Get everyone to bring in their best baked goods for your final team meeting before the Christmas break. It’s tasty fun and funny to see how many collapsed gingerbread houses make it into the office.

Go To A Christmas Market

Take a Friday afternoon off and wrap up warm and go visit the local Christmas market as a team-building activity. Share some mulled wine and enjoy some Christmas carols together – maybe even join in.

“HE’S BEHIND YOU!” Go The Panto

There’s always last-minute tickets available during panto season and come on, who does love panto? It’s not just for children – check a local theatre near you to see what’s on.

That’s all only 5 Christmas team building ideas, let us know your ideas. Also, Merry Christmas! Even though it’s still November…