Do me a favour, stop liking my stuff on Facebook

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This is something that I’ve been talking to groups of businesses about, for a while and I wanted to share with all of you here on the blog. The ‘Like’ button doesn’t have as much value as it once had – and it’s probably going to be less going forward.

Not everything you post is shown to everyone who follows your Facebook Page

So this is a feature of what we call algorithmic flow – something that you may well be aware of – not everything you post is shown to everyone who follows your Facebook Page.

I know, I know, it’s unfair – but there it is.

So why am I asking people to stop Liking my stuff?

Well it’s to do with the specific nature of the reaction button, there are six reactions you can give to a piece of content on Facebook

How can you react to a post on Facebook?

  • Like
  • Love
  • Laugh/Haha
  • Wow
  • Sad/Cry
  • Angry

So to be clear, I’m not asking you to stop reacting, but maybe expand your options – is there a more appropriate reaction to the content. Is there a more helpful boost you can give to that business than just ‘Liking’ it?

Why is Liking content on Facebook so bad?

Well look, it isn’t in and of itself, it just isn’t as good as a stronger emotion – the stronger the emotion, the stronger the signal you’re sending to Facebook saying “Hey, this content is great”. And it’s that signal that helps content go further and reach more people.

‘Like’ is weak. Love is better. Hell, reacting angrily is likely to give it more of a boost than simply Liking it.

I get why we do it, it’s easy, right? It’s just a click of the button, a tap of the finger – it’s easy…it requires little effort. And there’s the problem. Because Liking something is so easy, so ubiquitous, it has become devalued. It just doesn’t mean what it once meant.

So, whether it’s providing a call to action to your followers, or even if you just want to be extra helpful to other small businesses – do them and me a favour, stop liking my stuff on Facebook.

Start Loving…start Wowing…just, stop Liking.