Drive Business Growth Right Now With Cloud Solutions

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With growth comes opportunity and that can mean you will need to be more mobile than you will have been before. Cloud Solutions can enable you to do more with your business. This could solution can be a combination storing files online to editing those files online as well. Let’s look at some solutions that you can use for your business growth.

Cloud Storage

There are lots of cloud storage solutions available and depending on how your business operates depends on which best suits your business.  One of the most popular services is Dropbox. The free Basic account comes with a complimentary 2GB of storage, which is really generous for a free package. Dropbox has a really simple and easy to use interface that can be accessed from anywhere as it creates a local copy on your computer and a copy of all your files in the cloud. The only downside to this is you can’t edit documents in Dropbox unlike Google Drive or the OneDrive from Microsoft. They both offer the same service as Dropbox but include cloud workspaces for files and they have a different pricing structure.

Cloud Workspaces

Cloud Workspaces are incorporated into services like Google Drive and OneDrive. The OneDrive gives you access to your basic Microsoft programs like; Word, Excel and Powerpoint. Now you have all heard of these programs before but Google Drive has created their own version of these apps called Google Docs, Sheets and Slides. They all integrate with your email service depending on if you have Gmail or Outlook address. Also, they all work of the same file format however in Google Docs, you can have multiple people working on the same document at the same time which works brilliantly when you have a team of people working together.

Google Docs example

Wifi is Bae

For those who don’t know what BAE stands for; it means Before Anyone Else. For you to work on the go you need a wifi to connect to all of these cloud solutions meaning you need wifi before anything else. You can usually find good wifi connection in any coffee house or cafe or if you are working from clients office for a day. But if you can’t connect to wifi that isn’t a problem. All Google Apps and OneDrive apps have offline versions and all changes and new documents created automatically sync when you are reconnected to wifi.