Facebook have moved their option to ‘Schedule’ posts

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The option to schedule Facebook posts for a later date has been around for a long time. But recently, the platform took the decision to move the feature from it’s traditional pride of place to an altogether new destination – something that seems to have confused many of us in the process!

Where can I schedule Facebook posts now?

The option to schedule your Facebook posts has moved from its traditional place on your Facebook Business Page to now being available in three alternative destinations on Facebook’s desktop site – you read that right, three!

Whilst this might sound a bit confusing, and like Facebook has made things complicated for no reason, you’ll see from the destinations below that the platform appears to be encouraging business owners & content creators to use Facebook’s business tools more effectively.

In this way, the removal of the ‘Scheduling’ option from posts on your Facebook Page to these new destinations could be the first of many steps Facebook takes in enforcing a more consistent use of the business tools they provide us with as content creators.

For mobile users, the scheduling option is nice and simple with just a single destination to schedule posts from – for the moment at least.

Scheduling on desktop

‘Publishing Tools’

The first of the three places to schedule content from on a desktop is in Facebook’s ‘Publishing Tools’. This feature is available to every Facebook Business Page (which you should have if you’re creating business-related content on Facebook) and can be found in your Page’s tool bar.

To find ‘Publishing Tools’ on your Facebook Page, follow our step-by-step guide:

Visit your Facebook Page, and on the tool bar at the top of the page find ‘Publishing Tools’. This option might be visible already, if it isn’t then you’ll likely need to select ‘More’ where you’ll find ‘Publishing Tools’ in the drop down menu.

From within ‘Publishing Tools’, you’ll be able to create a new Facebook post and go on to schedule your content.

Business Manager

The second desktop destination from which you can schedule content is Facebook’s Business Manager. In case you’re new to this tool, Business Manager is designed to:

[H]elp advertisers integrate Facebook marketing efforts across their business and with external partners. You can use this free platform to run and track your ads, manage assets such as your Pages and ad accounts, and add an agency or marketing partners to help manage your business.


Effectively, it lets you run all of your marketing efforts on Facebook – from organic posting to paid advertising – from a single destination. Great, right?!

Learn how to access Business Manager and schedule posts by following our guide:

Visit business.facebook.com ‘/’ your Facebook Page name (for instance, ours is HypestarUK) to access your Business Manager account.

From here, you can create a Facebook post as normal, but with the added option to schedule your content!

Creator Studio

The third and final place that you can schedule your Facebook content from is Facebook’s Creator Studio. You can access these tool by visiting facebook.com/creatorstudio and from here, you can create, schedule, and save draft content for multiple Facebook Business Pages.

Follow our step-by-step guide below to learn how to create and schedule content on Creator Studio:

More recently, Facebook have also introduced Instagram scheduling to their Creator Studio! Read all about it here.

Visit your Creator Studio account and select to ‘Create Post’ in the top left corner. This will allow you to create a standard Facebook post.

Once you’ve selected this option, the interface you normally find when creating Facebook posts is exactly the same. With options to add media, text, links, location information, and so on.

Once you’ve finished creating your content, select the downward arrow next to the ‘Publish’ button and choose to schedule your post from here.

Creator Studio isn’t currently available as an app, but we’ll be sure to tell you if it’s ever made available!

Scheduling on mobile

Pages Manager

Scheduling on your mobile (or any other smart device) is much simpler than on desktop simply because there’s only one way to do it – on the ‘Pages Manager’ app.

Access your Pages Manager app on your smart device & go to your Facebook Page.

From here, choose to ‘Post’. Once you’ve made your content, you’ll have the option to ‘Publish’ (middle).

If you tap on the white box with the writing in then you’ll be shown other pop-up options (right) that will let you schedule your Facebook content.