How To Make The Most Out Of Trade Shows

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If you follow us on social media you will see we attend plenty of trade shows and it’s fair to say they are very “notable” and we always attract a crowd. Trade shows work really well for us and that’s because we make them work for us. Here’s our masterclass to making the most out of trade shows.

Setting Trade Show Goals

Trade shows are great marketing and networking opportunities to meet local businesses in your area but if you go in with a goal or aim to hit, you’re setting a focus for the day. By setting a goal you are setting the tone for your stand and the message you want to communicate. Lot’s of business just rock up to these events with a banner and a few leaflets from the cupboard to see what might happen. Planning is key as well. We start prepping for the trade show a week in advance so we have time replenish the leaflet stock, make t-shirts and get frog balloons. Planning your goals and stand will make you look professional.

Make Your Stand, Stand Out

At your standard trade show, you get a table with a chair or two. Simply fanning your leaflets across the table and putting your banner behind your table simply doesn’t cut it. Try putting your banner to the side of your table so people can actually see the entirety of it. With your stand, you can’t really spread out horizontally as you have other stands next to you, however, you can go vertically. We do this by using balloons, they are fun, iconic and easily visible from all angles so visitors know how to find our stand. Now when it comes to the table, why not add a table cloth so it’s not just a basic table and you can hide boxes/bags under the table. Also, what about using two table clothes so you create a two-tone effect or put a box on your table and put a table cloth over the top so your table has some height to it as well – giving it another dimension.

Know Your Stuff

Now you have planned what your goal is for the trade show, you now need to prepare yourself for every question possible. Learn about what you’re selling on your stand and think of all the possible questions attached to it. If you have a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page of your website it’s good to check up and learn about the questions on there. Doing all of these things will help you capture leads and make your day worth your while. Are you going to the Tees Valley Business Summit? We’ll be there and it’s the biggest trade show in the Tees Valley!