Survival Guide: The Office In Summer

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The British weather. Typical it’s nice and sunny while you have to work in your un-air-conditioned office while all your friends managed to wangle the day off and are sat in your favourite beer garden while planning to have BBQ the next day, lucky sods.

You would join them but there is a slight issue, you have a job. You will be spending this heatwave inside. To prevent you from being the grumpy one looking deserted as he glares out of the window with jealousy here’s how to survive.

Remember that those people will be probably working extra time or working this weekend

Unless you’re secretly royalty (long distant 3rd cousin of King Henry 8th many wives doesn’t count) sadly you will have to work at some point. But remember that those people have pulled a sticky to be out in the sun and when their boss sees the numerous selfies posted to Facebook, they’ll be getting a right bollocking to come Monday morning.

You’re saving money

Instead of splashing all your dosh buying round after round and buying the table of pretty girls several drinks. Check your account and well, you’ll be sticking your arm down the sofa hunting for a change.

Technically you’re buying yourself a few more years in the sun

Remember what happens on a sunny day? The booze begins to flow. Heavenly I know. If you were out there chances are you would be guzzling the stuff by the keg load. Remember the damage it’ll do to your liver… but more importantly, remember that you have to deal with the embarrassment that you were the guy that passed out before 6 pm and lost various items of clothing and you are actually missing all the fun things that are actually happening after work.