Can I use my own email address as a Google account?

A Google account is needed for a wide range of hugely useful things these days, from accessing your website’s Google Analytics, to the huge benefits of giving/receiving Google Reviews and all manner of business-boosting features! With this tip, you can use whichever email address you like to log into Google and use all these features!

Sales Navigator for Gmail (Rapportive Update)

Are you a G Suite user? Have you used Rapportive in the past – it’s now become LinkedIn Sales Navigator! Check out this awesome tool to bring LinkedIn information straight into your Gmail inbox.

Why you Should not be BCCing Recipients in your Emails

Adding email addresses into the BCC field of your email client is seemingly an obvious way to ensure that recipients can’t see who else the email has been sent to, but it is not without risks and issues that you should be aware of. In this article, we talk about what those risks are and what you need to know.