TOP 5 Reasons People Start Their Own Business

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While the financial rewards of being an entrepreneur can be very enticing, business isn’t always about the money. Many other different factors motivate people to choose an entrepreneurial path. These are the top five reasons that encourage people to follow their dreams and start their own business:

An infographic showing top five reasons why people start their own business that isn't money. They include: making difference in the world, satisfaction of doing something new, desire to be independent, personal growth and desire to help others achieve their goals.

Desire to be independent is a main reason people start a business

Research from Cox Business has found that 66% of small business owners start a business to be their own boss. While being a business owner comes with increased responsibility and risks, it also gives you independence and flexibility. You can not only follow your passion but also choose your own working hours, place of work and be in control of your own future. It also gives you the freedom to make decisions that you believe are the best for the business. Whether it’s choosing the team, experimenting with innovative products or completely changing the direction of the business – it’s all up to you. And a little bonus – no one can fire you!

Satisfaction of doing something new

For some people, a 9-5 job is the place where their dreams die. Doing the same thing over and over again, they feel like they are stuck on the hamster wheel. Doing something new inspires people to be more creative and learn new things to achieve their goals. Starting your own business allows you to experience loads of new first times. While you already have the knowledge and skills required to create a product or provide a service, there are many other areas that you will have to explore.

Image showing two hamster running on the wheel. The text above: when you're stuck in you're 9-5 job doing the same thing over and over again

Starting a business comes together with personal growth

Being an entrepreneur means you are always learning and improving. You need to understand every aspect of your business, work with different departments, follow trends and find the best ways to promote your business. To do so, you need to pick up a lot of new skills. When you’re a business owner, no two days are the same. This means you get endless opportunities for both personal and professional growth.

Image showing leaves and a tree. Leaves shows how much you know when you're staring a business. Three shows how much you need to learn

Desire to help others achieve their goals

When you start a business, you get a chance not only to achieve your own goals but also to help others to achieve theirs. You can support your employees by providing career opportunities, help your customers by providing your expertise or even collaborate with other businesses to help them fulfil their ideas.

Making difference in the world

Entrepreneurs are blessed with the gift of being able to make a difference. Whether it’s a service that can help people solve their problems, a product that can be used in everyday life or even donating some of the profits to the charity – these are all great ways to give back to your community. Also, many business ideas come from personal experience. For example, some products are invented only because someone wants to help their friend or relative who suffers from some kind of illness. While helping one person, you might create something that helps thousands of others. How incredible is that?

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