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Twitcher – Twitter Account Switcher

Are you a user of the Twitter Web Client (twitter.com)? If you are, and you have more then one Twitter account, you're going to love this tool - it allows you to manage more than one account when using twitter.com, so you can engage easily as your brand AND yourself.

Having just one Twitter account is odd these days, right? I mean, you’ve got one for your business, one for yourself, one for your dog and whatever else you fancy. But having to swap between Twitter accounts can be a pain. So if you’re using the Twitter web app and want a similar experience to the mobile app on your Android or iOS device, I’ve got a cool little tool that could really help keep you sane save you some time.

Twitcher is a Twitter account switcher which means you can be signed into multiple Twitter accounts at the same time and simply switch between them all so you can have the chance to engage with any and all of your accounts. Twitcher works in the Google Chrome browser, so grab that if you haven’t already.

As with all Chrome extensions, you’ll find Twitcher in the Chrome Web Store, but jump over to hype.fyi/2ycQ3pv to grab the extension directly. Once you’ve got it installed, just select “+ Add Account” and sign in with the addition account(s) you want to add.

It’s really simple, and the extension doesn’t cost anything (though, the developer does accept donations via his website if you choose to donate).

I’ve put together a quick video of the steps. So if you want to manage for than one Twitter account using the Twitter web client, here’s how you can do it.

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