What are you staring at?

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It’s uncomfortable, isn’t it? Being stared at, is very uncomfortable. I’ve been away for the last three weeks and I had lots of time on my hands to think, to stare and to examine.

Not only did I have a wonderful holiday but I took the opportunity to take a long hard look at myself and the business.

I’ve been at a distance and have discovered it’s good to be rude and stare unforgivably at yourself, your business and its proposition every now and again.

We’ve been suffering from the eight-year itch syndrome.

It’s just a little over eight years since our business officially started.

And the good news is that we’ve survived – just!

I have decided the itch shows up when you tend to get busy in a bit of a hamster wheel that is just going round and round, and round and round…. doing I suppose, exactly what a hamster wheel is meant to do.

You only realise that you are going nowhere if you break the cycle or stop the wheel and take that long hard stare at yourself.

I intend to take time out to do this regularly, maybe every 6 months or so.

It’s been painful, a little scary and enlightening but also amazingly beneficial.

So this is the result for us.

We are looking at our marketing strategy, marketing plan and in the process clarifying our business proposition.

And here’s a confession, this time we are actually going to commit these strategies and plans to paper! (As opposed to scratchy, undecipherable notes in my notebook).

We’ll be changing some of our services and adding some exciting new ones.

We’re going to roll out a new communication master plan, and we are going to act on it.

Funny how we do this for our clients but don’t do it often enough for ourselves.

We might even give you some insight into what we are doing in this uncomfortable process of shedding dead skin (yucky as that sounds), how we do it and what benefits we gain from it.

I’m hopeful that the changes will be positive and help us grow and develop further not just as a business but also as individuals.

We are off the wheel and ready to compete in the 100-meter sprint.

How are you feeling, you ready yet to get off the wheel yet?

Do you want some help?

Contact us on 01642 061062, let’s sprint together.