6 BS Facts About Time Management Everyone Thinks Are True

Table of Contents

Planning Your Work Is A Great Place To Start

There is a number of planning tools and methods but what is important is that you take time to do your work. The longer it takes to plan your project the less time you have to work on it. Also, things change down the road so you might not need to plan so heavily in the first place.

Distractions Reduce Productivity

True but sometimes that’s exactly what you need. If you have writer’s block, or unsure how to tackle an issue, or just need to take 5 to refresh your mind; that distraction is what you need to jump-start your creativity.

Doing The Easy Bits First

People say that you should day with easy tasks but that just leaves your brain frazzled when dealing with the more difficult stuff. “Swallow your frog” deals with the more challenging stuff first.

Using Shortcuts On Your Computer

If you know what they do, great! If not stick to the method you know rather than you lock the keyboard or accidentally launch on a missile or something that’ll get you in big bother that you don’t know how to fix.

I Know Where Everything Is On My Desk

Lies. If you have a messy desk, clean and tidy up and be more organised. It will make a big difference because you won’t spend 5 minutes searching frantically for one piece of paper. The same applies to your computer, organise your files into folders that make sense not just scattered over your desktop.