We have been crunching those numbers again

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Looking through some of the statistics we have achieved through both our Pre-start and Growth work, we think there are some impressive stats we should be shouting about.

We want to shout louder because we want to work with you.

  • If you have funding in any location in the UK, where we could deliver our accredited training and get you the same results, we want to talk to you.
  • If you are a training organisation and would like to achieve the same results, we can licence our products (accredited and non-accredited and train you to deliver these results)
  • If you are running a business looking to grow, our proven training can help you do that, it can be both accredited and non accredited.
  • If you are running a large business and you want your employees to be more entrepreneurial and contribute more to the growth of the company, we can deliver industry specific growth training.

Have a read and then let us know, we want to achieve growth for you, for us and for all in 2016.