Don’t write off Facebook just because you’re B2B

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A little while ago, a question was asked in Digital Stars (our online community) by someone seeking an app development company. The request was quite a niche, so I wanted to get as many potential parties involved as possible – so I took to LinkedIn to post the request.

Quite a few folks responded – one stick in my mind. They were interested in the opportunity but “couldn’t possibly” answer on Facebook.

Their messages explained how they don’t operate on Facebook; because they’re B2B.

Unfortunately, [we] don’t have a FB page as our services are B2B not B2C

This was quite surprising to me – not least of all because we are business to business as well – we don’t offer consumer training at all at Hypestar – it’s all 100% business-focused. So where then, does this perception that Facebook is only consumer-based businesses come from?

The Digital Stars community is a thriving group of SMEs, small business owners, sole traders and employees of the same – all looking for something that your business may provide. Perhaps more importantly, it’s a place you can get support for any of your queries.

The fact that your own Facebook feed may be full of ‘breakfast pics’ and #TroutPout selfies does not define the network’s content – it simply indicates who you’re connected to.

There are three distinct profile entities on Facebook: Individual Profiles, Groups and Pages. I agree that [conducting] ‘business’ has no place on the Individual Profile – but Groups and Pages? If you’re not there, are you missing out?

If your customer is there. Yes.

Groups are different for businesses, people use Groups with a specific mindset. And with the advent of Facebook Pages now being allowed to join Facebook Groups, businesses can have even more of a presence on this mammoth platform.

So this app builder missed out on this B2B request…because ‘businesses don’t operate on Facebook’? And I feel like that they’ve made an error in entirely writing off a whole platform because of a sweeping statement.

What about you – what role does Facebook play in your business?

Could you do what you do without it? Would you shed a tear if it died tomorrow? Have you written it off entirely, or is it your go-to platform?