Generate More Leads Using These Techniques

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Your website can be a powerful tool that lots of people don’t take advantage of that can generate leads effortlessly. At Enterprise Made Simple, one thing we always try to do is give an amazing value add service to everything we do from our training weekends to offering great business advice. Using our ethos of making a value-add service provides us with a great opportunity to develop our website into a more value-add service and generate leads at the exact same time. Win win.

Create a template for day-to-day use

Every business has some form of day-to-day struggle and some people don’t know the best way to fix those issues. A great example is one we have made ourselves. We learned from our Going For Growth training, people were struggling to manage and track their finances so we crafted our own Daily Cash Flow Template which is a spreadsheet you can use to track your finances. By giving your audience access to a simple and very helpful document – while you utilise an opt-in to capture relevant leads contact information – can be positive and helpful to you and your customers.

Manage your money screenshot

Create a valuable email course

Having a valuable email course is really handy lead generation tool that can be applicable to any lead – who doesn’t want to learn more about their specific sector? Having an email course allows your leads to give you their email address to send this email course to. But this can also be repurposed to send traffic to your website when you publish a new blog or want your audience to know about an event.

Free business advice Screenshot

Make a spectacular spreadsheet

Sounds sad but spreadsheets are awesome! You can do lots of things in spreadsheets making them into high-value documents you can utilise as free opt-in content for your website visitors. Take ours, for example, we offer you 250 blog post title that your business can use to blog about. They are totally customisable to you and your business all you need to do is enter 3 keys words and away you go, give it a try right here.

Write Massive Headlines!