Helpful Tips For The Perfect Logo Design

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Logo design is a tough thing to get right, but there are some laws all the best logos follow. Now I know what your thinking. They may look simple but don’t be fooled into thinking logo design is an easy task. These are 12 laws for perfect logo design.

1.Logos need scale

BBC logo

A great logo has a subtle but interesting visual hook, accompanied by carefully considered typography. It should be iconic whether it’s scaled to 10mm or 10 metres.

2.Keep it simple

Your logo must be outstanding, with a clear and simple message. It should have personality and have its own character.

3.Think about its topic

A logo captures a brand and reflects what it stands for. The difference between a logo’s identity and identification is it’s typography, colour, photography giving it a tone of voice. For me, that’s the main difference between identification and identity.

4.Use bespoke typography

pepe jeans logo

Bespoke type is a really great way to establish a tone of voice because no-one else can use that type. Got nice handwriting? You might make the best identity for your brand.


fanta logo

I adore logos with personality, that have a certain ‘a-ha’ moment: something that’s clever, surprising and ties all the rest of it together. Something that really capture’s the nature of a business.


The perfect logo is versatile. It reads in seconds and is memorable. It’s equally comfortable on a business card and reads in black-and-white even if a colour version is primarily used. The best logos can also show two separate ideas or symbols simultaneously.