Why You Need Brand Advocates In Your Life

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Brand advocates are the guys that sing your praises without you asking them too – they best form of effortless marketing that every business needs! Brand advocates are delighted customers will recommend your products or services to the 3 F’s (friends, family, followers).

Why Are Brand Advocates Important?

You can think of brand advocates as living marketing material, they can recommend and suggest your products/services to anyone at any given time. They help to build and develop stronger relationships with current and future customers. Ultimately, having a little outside help when marketing your business is always welcome.

If someone is pleased with your level of service, they will be inclined to tell people about your business, increasing your brand awareness. Also, the more they talk about your business to others, you should see an increase in word of mouth referrals. one of the best qualities of a brand advocate they put a face to your brand and they make your business seem human. After all, people buy from people, more often than not businesses these days all sound dull and drab following the same old shpeal and having an advocate brakes it up to seem fun and inviting to others.

How To Make Brand Advocates

Building Trust

Making brand advocates can sound really difficult but it isn’t as hard as it may seem. All it takes is to build trust with strong relationships with your audience. Build trust comes from being reliable. Your customers want to trust you and you are a worthy investment. Every brand advocate trusts a company and that’s why they are great at converting others towards your brand. So what quick ways can you develop trust with your customers?

  • Act human – being corporate can deter customers from your brand
  • Take the time to learn more about your customers – ask what they do in the spare time, take the time and effort to learn about them so you can build a rapport with them
  • Keep in touch with your customers – don’t hound them but keep in regular contact to keep them alive and active customer

Awesome Customer Experience

Businesses that interact with their customers online will thrive off giving a great customer experience. These businesses know customers will meet and engage with different members of the business. But no matter who they meet with they will get the same, awesome experience! Having this consistency whenever your customers interact with your business they are slowly turning into brand advocates for your business because they are happy with the level of service. Giving you a reputation.

High Customer Satisfaction

Keeping any customer happy, never mind brand advocates is key to any businesses success. But a happy customer is a customer then will keep coming back and will recommend to others. There are a few things you can do for high customers satisfaction:

  • You can ask your employees to go exceed what is expected of them to make your customers happy
  • Look at ways you can make your customers go WOW!
  • Ask your customers how you could improve your products/services to make them happier

Have you got any ideas for making brand advocates for your business?