How to Write a Mission Statement for Your Business

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If you’re only starting up the business, you might be thinking about what a mission statement is, why you need it and how to write it. 

In simple words, a mission statement summarises what your business does, how it does it and why. 

A well-crafted mission statement explains to your customers what they can expect from you and helps you stay on the right path when making decisions.  

Here’s a guide that will help you set a mission statement for your company:

Answer your what, who, how and why

These are the most important questions to answer before you write your mission statement.

When it comes to what you do, don’t overthink it. Use the most simple, general answer such as provide healthcare services or sell clothes. Your who is your target audience, your how should explain how your business operates, what makes it different and what your core values are, and your why is the purpose your business serves.

Brainstorm ideas

Once you have answered the questions above, it’s time to jump into action. Get some inspiration from other companies mission statements (you can read through some here) and start writing.

Don’t be afraid to write down all the ideas that come to your mind. Yes, even the silly ones! You never know, you might be only a few changes away from your best one!

Use your mission statement to inspire

A mission statement isn’t only a pretty sentence to show to others. You can use it to create an emotional connection with your customers by telling them why your business exists. 

You can also use it to inspire yourself and everyone involved in your business to stay motivated while working toward your vision. Make sure you include the main purpose of your company, so whenever you’re stuck or feeling low, you always have a reminder of why you’re doing it. 

Image showing that mission statement creates emotional connection with customers, inspires and motivates, helps you stay on right path and lets your customers know what to expect from you

Keep it short

We understand that sometimes it’s easier to write a whole book about your business than explain what you do in one sentence. However, short, to the point mission statements work best and you should aim for no more than three sentences. So if you think that the one you’ve written is too long, it probably is – make it shorter! 

Get feedback

Even if you are a sole trader and don’t have a team, try to get some feedback from others. Show your mission statement to someone who doesn’t know what your business does and ask them if they can understand what you do by simply reading it. 

Don’t be afraid to update your mission statement

When your business grows, the ways you do things change. You might expand your team, start selling new products or providing new services. After changes take place, you might realise that your mission statement doesn’t do its job anymore. Great news – you can always come back to it and either update a few bits or completely rewrite it!